Tuesday 27 August 2013

Lots and lots of growing.

Apart from the amazing truffle dress, there hasn't been to much sewing going on. BUT there has been alot of growing. I mentioned earlier in the year that as well as our own back yard plot we also have half an allotment. I am in love with my allotment, just walking up through the village, picking all the goodies, which at the moment are amazing! Bags and bags full of fresh produce. 

This is my back garden with lots of sweet corn and kale, food for the body flowers for the soul.

This is the allotment which has grown up from a dirt patch to over growing with goodness

Arthur loves a swing on the way home.

This is what we picked today after one week growing. We have triple the amount you would in a veg box. I now have to start planning what to do with it all!

I know many of you also grow, how have you found it this year, we think Devon has had perfect rain to sun shine ratios.


  1. Yes it has been a good growing year here too... first out door tomatoes and cucumbers for 3 years and plenty of Spuds, bean, courgettes and fruit... I've been making Chutney and Jelly which is great! Hoping the sun continues so I can get a few more squashes... Enjoy! Cass x

  2. What a great harvest! The little pumpkin thingies look intriguing. :)
    This is the first year I've had a balcony, and apart from some herbs I'm growing a few different sorts of tomato, which have been ripening for the past few weeks. :)

  3. All your veg looks so good! One day I'd love to have a go at growing our own, it must be so satisfying, and so tasty as well of course! Your sunflowers look pretty spectacular too!