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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Jersey laurel is completed

Well I have finally complete the jersey laurel, a very popular Colette pattern that has seen so many adaptations. My version has long sleeves with bias binding neck line and sleeves. I opted out of pockets and make quiet a short style tunic. I found the pattern had very generous sizing and I had to take the sides in. This would normally annoy me but I find the beauty of a Colette pattern enables you to make alterations with ease. Being jersey I didn't bother with a zip so an easy make this was. I did enjoy this make, and I am glad I have something to go towards my fall essential sew along, Make yourself cosy! How's everyone else coming along with their autumn sewing, are you like me just great full you have manages to make anything?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fall Sew Along

It's been a while since I have joined in any bloging groups of jollyness. And as autumn is one of my favourite times of year I thought I would give it a go. Yes I'm joining in :

My first and essntial part of my autumn look will be the Laurel, with a lovely jersey, all on the sewing table as we speak.

The second offering is the same as last year. I still love it just as much and maybe I might even get round to making it up.

I have the most basic of knitting skills but I still dream of knitting my own cardigans, so I will also attempt this

To be honest this will be more than enough for me as dare I say it Christmas present making will have to start some time!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

new things

So I have been planning to write this post about ten times all with different content But, no longer am I holding onto the summer as it is truly autumn here in Devon, no longer am I manically harvesting chutney making plum ketchup making lady, and no longer am I crazily getting everything together to start the new school year! In fact he time has passed and we are set tiling in nicely.

What I did find in the last busy weeks was I was desperate to start a new sewing project, but I had to stay focused all the other stuff. What that did though was give me plenty of time to dream and plan, and that's just what the beginning of a new season needs.

What did I come up with though well lots, big and small, gifts me and others. Here is a little sneak preview of the shopping I have been doing :

And where did I buy all of these lovely goodies, my new favourite shop Trixie Lixie this is a lovely shop in Cardiff, and brilliant online shop too! I ordered and received my lovelies in three days ! So many great offerings here with opportunities to show off your own creations too. Great service and very friendly, I will be doing lots more shopping here.

AS for what I bought, well some secrets will need to be kept, But I am planning to make myself an autumn Laurel very soon.

I know many of you are planning new seasons, and there are still a few summer offerings which I am enjoying too. I hope you have ll had a lovely weekend. x x x

Monday, 19 August 2013

My Truffle Dress.

I love my new dress, MrPB also loves my new dress (he mainly says he likes stuff just to keep me hapy) but I know he really does like this dress.

I started this as apart of the Colette sew along of all the items in the handbook, I only got as far as cutting the pattern out. The next step was to be apart of the indie pattern challenge in June. I did finish this dress by the end of July.

All I can say is it was worth the wait, I personally feel this is the nicest make I have completed. It hasn't all been plain sailing though, a few aleterations to the top and the truffle ruffle. I also decided not to line the dress ans I took time to perfect my rolled hems that are 5mm wide. I'm so proud!!!

 This is the first time I have made a dress with a bodice and skirt, I always felt that my pot belly wouldn't be very flattering but I'm really impressed. 

The fabric came from a boot fair a few years back, an old bed sheet in perfect condition. cotton with lovely blue flowers that aren;t too prissy.

Can you tell, I love y new make! If I only get round to making two or three items a year I would be thrilled. Anyone else loving their sommer dresses?

Thursday, 4 July 2013


Yes the dress I have been slowly working on for weeks and hoping to be that summer dress that you just want to wear everyday is a fail!

Butterick B5181 had such high hopes, but there is rather to much fabric and not that well fitting. Sadly I am not the type to just keep on trying, sometimes when you put a garment on you just know, no matter how many adjustments this dress is not destine to be worn. It is a bit of a tent and I like flowing but not maternity like.

I could have tried harder and I think I need to remeasure my bust and waist but ultimately MrPB wasn't loving it much either and he simple said "It's  a bit Margo" which lover of BBC TV series The Good Life will know what he means.

It can be really frustrating when your make is not wearable particularly when you are so time short like myself. I have to constantly remind myself that it's the enjoyment of the task too, which is true when I'm sat at my sewing table but not when my mind is busy trying to plan all those projects.

As for new projects, yes there is one but I'll let you know a little more soon.


Monday, 17 June 2013

Swaps, gifts, and nice things.

This is a bit of a show off post really.Goodies have been sent and received for the lovely spring sewing swap over at .

I was lucky enough to be swapping with Vicki from it has been so lovely creating a parcel for a new friend. Vicki has an amazing talent makes the most wonderful fitted dresses. Being a swap this is what I received, oh lucky me! I just love the skirt pattern and plan an autumn skirt already.

This is what I sent Vicki, a hard task but good fun making a parcel that is liked by a new blogger friend.


I have also been a winner this week, Super Debbie from  

 Look at this lovely plaid (as it's called in the US) and beautiful lace. Thank you so much Debbie.

And finally, a confession, I just couldn't help myself, it was only £10 and when I looked inside I surprised at how many lovely makes there are inside. So I bought it!

Sewing update : Yes I'm still working on that maxi dress, I hope to finish it soon as I'm planning to join in with the bombshell swimming costume sew along.

Hope all is well in your world. x x x 

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What A Week

And I really mean, what a week! The first half had been intensive preparing for an interview. AS some of you will know, I enjoy my job as a physio technical instructor but I work to many hours and find the home life work life balance difficult. To cut to the chase I have bagged myself a new job, more or less the same. A generic therapist working physio and occupational therapy duties in the haematology ward of our main hospital in Exeter, I can not tell you how pleased I am and what a great opportunity this is for work and home, so lets hope the next month moves along and I get to start.

With all the excitement I ended up with a tummy bug and a few days in bed! This changes the plans for a bank holiday but has enabled me to really enjoy the home, and things that I like to do, so to the main point : My allotment!

MrPB helped dig over the beds, and we have six small beds with runner beans, french beans, shallots, potato, mixed carrot and parsnip and cabbage hearts. Well it's in and we will keep our fingers crossed.

My biggest joy has been the humble shallot, I think  it is because is it has survived all weather and looks lush and healthy.

So that was the tidy half, this is the more caotic side yet to be mastered to my vision!!

We have been so lucky inheriting a asparagus bed, that I have often had this for breakfast, I feel like a queen.

As you know all the other jobs don't go away, but I have been thrilled that some of the garden has started to look after itself. A great example of this is Arthur's willow den, started lasted year and just looking amazing.

Yes the garden is still for veggies to and my favourite space saving beds are old tyres, they really are amazing. This year we have rhubarb, runner beans, nasturtiums, tomato and sweet peas no less.

So alot happening in the veggies garden and life. But just so you know I'm not down hearted after my jersey disaster I already have a summer dress on the table. Here is a sneak preview, and yes my first fully lined dress.

I hope you all had a good weekend. x

Thursday, 23 May 2013


I thought the sewing bug was in full force, inspiration, trying to enhance skills bla bal bla. What really happened was Mc Call's easy jersey top., (never be fooled by the term easy on the front of a pattern)

 I had a lovely bit of jersey really soft and floaty, which made it hard to use. Also I have found that it tends to roll on left edges. The pattern itself wasn't too hard to follow I was just disappointed with the results.

 The overall problems have been it is drapes so much it doesn't really hold onto mu shoulders, I find a bit risky! I did really like the way the body came together very slimming. It felt somewhat lopsided that was definitely due to my sewing skills.The fabric was difficult to handle and I was longing for a nice bit of cotton by the end!

Sadly I don't think I will be wearing the version, I'm not so disheartened though I well my try one of the other versions that look a little more sturdier on the shoulders. I also have a very long to do list, Colette patterns and a maxi dress.

I hope your own projects are coming along nicely, there are some amazing makes on the blogs out there. x x x

Monday, 29 April 2013

A mixed bag.

This week has all been a bit different, out of the normal routine as poor Arthur has chicken pox, so days off work. It has felt like the good old days of stay at home mummy. I have cooked, and baked mainly from my favorite new book Honestly Healthy. I have been in the garden planting seeds but most exciting is that I have picked a pattern and fabric to start a summer top, and dress!

Arthur had time to help with the cooking.

Poor chicken pox boy fell asleep on the floor.

Spelt base pizza, topping of beetroot, garlic ans feta. Also courgette, lemon, and feta.And a traditional ham and sweetcorn.

The summer top pattern.

And the summer top fabric.

It has been lovely pottering at home, I don't want to return to work! I hope you have all been enjoying your week too. x

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Spring Sewing Swap.

Oh it's been a while since I've joined in any fun and this just seems perfect to inspire a little more sewing. Kerry from Kestrel Makes is hosting a spring time sewing swap and count me in, and you could join in too. Pop over to Kestrel makes to see the finer details.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Little Sewing

I have great pleasure to inform you that I Charlotte Pb has ventured back to the world of dressmaking. It has been over six months since I have last made myself anything, taking the pressure away and treating myself to some shop bought clothes really help my busy times. Although I have actually missed my crafting/ hobby times, so with a week off work I indulged myself, just a little.

Firstly I have to say I was going to enter this into Faye's essential top sew along, I even finished it in time BUT I lost the lead to my camera and had to order a new one. So the sew along has been and gone and it was tremendous with over a hundred participants, so well done Faye!

My little effort as you know I don't tend to push the boundaries of effort was an easy top, taken form this lovely book.

This book is a real gem, so may other have noted that often this style of book comes with limited sizing. I used small pattern and I am generally a size 14.  The garments in this book really lend themselves to English weather, lots of layering of clothes to suit ant season. I chose a basic top, but I am also eyeing up the drawstring trousers and a a cute dress.

I was true to form very easy to make up, and I am enjoying the way it hangs, I don't like anything too tight around my middle! It does have an essence of a smock, due to the lack of darts, but with home made binding a cute sleeves I think this is a wearable little number. Note to self though, is to improve with the binding around the neck, I had give it a little pleat as it gaped. I'm sure there are better ways to deal with this.

The fabric is thrift from a duvet cover bought from a boot fair last summer. I just long for a bit of warmth to wear it now.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

A crafty day out

My once a year indulgence in Exeter is the stitch and craft show by hobby craft that comes to town each year. Each year I am always amazed the the quilting exhibitions, this year also had the women's institute exhibition on smocking, which was lovely and reminded me of a wonderful our fit my mum had made me when I was young. There was also Jane Austin pride and prejudice outfits (one of my all time favourite books) I was also very taken back by the mixed media creative stitching, embroidery groups, I may even find out about them in my local area as there work was beautiful and contemporary. I did of course forget my camera and take a series of bad photos on my phone which I will save you from!

And yes I did! Buy a pile of fabric!

So do I have time for loads of dressmaking at the moment? Do I have a stash pile that is out of control? Did that stop me?????

This totally wonderful knit! I am in love, I think my plan will be to make a Christmas garment out of this beauty!

This lovely super soft jersey is busy but the colours are so subtle, how could I resist?

These really think cottons are for Christmas present making, I'll share with you later in the year!

Amongst the stalls there are lots of what I feel are overly cute stuff (not really my style) BUT I was taken back by one or two little projects that may be fun. Cross Patch have Lynette Anderson quilt designs that may be nice in the winter months. I have always felt the creative process and oh I can do that myself is actually hindering me from getting on, so I may treat myself to a ready made package of cuteness soon!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New season new sewing boundaries

So for the last two years I have tried to make my own wardrobe. I have enjoyed, been frustrated, learnt new skills and had great fun and opened my mind. Now I find I struggle with that obsession to keep producing, I have enough don't I? Or don't have the right things and the right amount of time to do Justice to clothing.

We have all made our clothing for many different reasons, all as valid as the next. I personally feel that I need a little tip toe away from the sewing machine! Don't get me wrong I'm not giving up, my life is changing at the moment and we all have to set our own boundaries. I am starting a new job in September and a access course so sewing time will be minimal. Also spare time may also need to be a touch more relaxing.

So what do I have planned? Well you may step back in horror but I have ordered myself a pile of everyday stuff to see my through the autumn and winter. I plan to make just one or two garments this season, something with this lovely knit

and then this that has long been on the to do list.

I will really look forward to smaller scale dressmaking, and I am also looking forward to the cosy nights on the sofa with a little hand sewing or knitting. I have a love for quilts that I think I am about to rekindle the love affair!
So what are you plans for the autumn?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Meeting Debbie.

Today has been lovely as I had the opportunity to meet up with Debbie from Minnado's House.  I enjoy following Debbie's blog, she always uses such lovely printed fabric, and fitting in any time to sew with her three children, makes her an inspiration.

Well we met for the first time at Exeter museum, which was a great place to avoid the rather heavy showers! Her children are lovely and we spent a while looking at various stuffed animals! We didn't really get the chance to talk much sewing but I did have a lovely time as it is so nice to say a real life 'hello'! Also a big thank you Debbie for her beautiful gift of fabric.