Monday, 23 February 2015

Allotment 2015

Into the new year brings exciting plans for my lovely half allotment. I have been planning all winter to work with the no dig method. I have gave read info on this and most inspiring is Charles Dowding. This man is a wealth of knowledge and has proven that the no dig method can be really successful.
This is my original half , covered in manure!

And now introducing our second half, we have inherited some goodies such as a compost bin and slightly weathered potting shed. I am so excited. With more space we hope to grow some good old staples and extend the growing year.

As you can see the new plot needs has some work needed. but I'm already dreaming of summer bountiful veggies.
I am tempted to see if we can live off our veggies alone, although this is a little scary, any other allotmentiers set themselves challenges or want to join in?

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Aprons for all!

As I mentioned a few posts ago the portion of my sewing this year would be for others. In fact I have taken a real delight in present making (I did have to make one for myself too, it would be rude not to test run the goods!)

Being a homely sort of family I thought every good housewife should own an apron. So now indeed they will. I have made the first for myself and my Mum for mothers day.

And the second type one for each of my sisters, will be the cupcake version (although not that clear)

So I have had this fabric knocking around for sometime, planning to make these very aprons about two christmas' ago. Well better late than never, and a little pom pom edging, I was surprised on how hard the wiggly little stuff was, but worth the end product.

I feel that the sewing flow is well and truly back, and enjoying every moment of it.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Kids Clothes Week

As I have come to realise that selfish sewing has given me an overloaded wardrobe. There is always an answer though. Refashioning of which there is is  lots of inspiration, least of all for the kids. In walks into my life kids clothes week.

 Wow I have been really taken by this and I have to say I am not overly creative I struggle with a refashion although I know its trendy to do so, and I do want to have a go. And yes I want something wearable at the end (not so much to ask I think).

I have a lovely polar thermal hoody that has lovely memories of hiking across the lake district before Arthur was a twinkle in my eye. Do I ever wear it now, well no! So refashionista here I go.

I have to say that I enjoyed this and to be honest it wasn't that difficult, I may even be ready to branch out a little further next time. I think there will be a next time too.

joining in

One of the things I have missed the most from blogging is a sense of community. There is always something to join in with, from sew along to challenges in various guises. I have found these forums the most interesting as you get to 'meet' new makers and inspiration is all around.

So the only sensible thing thing thing to do is join in!

My first choice of the year is vintage, I love to look at others although I do not wear a lot of vintage myself. Therefore I pledge to make two garments, I may even be brave and tackle a bit of knitting.

Monday, 2 February 2015


This weekend I took on the first preserving task of the year, marmalade. Over the years I have tried different methods, but today I took each step of the journey in a slow and exact manor. Resulting in a rather lovely, mellow batch with not to many slices, non too thick, and not lots of pips. In all I managed 15 jars of various sizes. 

I enjoyed taking my time, being in the moment. Some may say a moving meditation, I may say, made with love. So often we rush around trying to fit as much as we can, I am totally guilty of this, but every now and then I just seem to get it. In the world of pis there are plenty of affirmations to remind us, but its not so easy.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

First crafty plans of 2015 and a pile of free yoga.

we are all well into 2015, I personally have found it a slow start this year but I have finally made a few exciting plans. Without giving to much away I thought I would show you the most loveliest piece of fabric, isn't she lovely. My plans are simple so I know I will actually finish them. So watch this space.

Secondly I wanted to share a real find. As you may remember I do love my yoga, and getting a chance to practice at home and finding a class online that you like isn't always that easy, or cheap. But look at this, 30 days of yoga, free, suitable for all levels, fun, not too long. I recommend giving it a go, you may surprise yourself!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Creativity Full Circle

With my burst back onto the blogging scene at the beginning of the month has me following up with a full dose of January blues! A  week of illness has made me think and think some more and quiet frankly I need to perk up and get on with it all.

I have come to realize that my making life seems to have come full circle. As a child I was encouraged to make, we made presents and creativity was high on my list. I moved onto making things for my home, gardening and lots of other interests. I found a love for dressmaking, and that was when I started blogging, such a community and vibrant people with such cool ideas.

As you know I haven't been so committed to dressmaking. I still love it and feel inspired by others but I rarely have time and I don't need a continuing growing wardrobe.

So here we have it full circle, I have so missed my time to be creative that I have pledged to make all greeting cards and presents for my friends and family this year. Gifts that I can enjoy making without cluttering my own home! 

What are your plans this year?

Just to prove my making days are not over here is my lovely warm cowl I made over Christmas!