Thursday, 28 January 2016

Vintage Darling!

Being so inspired by the amazing outfits of vintage 2015,and having not managed to live up to my own pledge I thought that this year I would pledge with items that should actually suit me and my lifestyle. So #vintagepledge2016  here I come!!

I would like to pledge two tops, the first being a beautiful blouse that my Mum has made many times herself and now I would like a simple but stylish casual ease.

The second top is a T-shirt suitable for everyday and a good pattern to practice with my over locker

I would also like to pledge to use vintage fabrics, the being a lovely heavy cotton that I am planning for my Phoebe (obviously not vintage).

I also have this lovely pattern in my stash that I would like to tackle at some point.

I find it amazing to see how the most beautiful patterns seem so relevant and stylish today. It makes me wonder what does vintage mean to you?  
Anyone joining in?

Friday, 22 January 2016

Phoebe sew along

There can be a better way to start the sewing year by coming together improving ones skills and making a lovely new stylish outfit. So here I am my first sew along for at least three years. Colette patterns are so lovely, my aim is to improve my fitting and sewing skills so that I had a real desire to wear my own makes, and build that hand made wardrobe.

Once my pattern was in my hands I couldn't help myself but think fabric! I must admit I felt rather torn between version 1 and 2. I planned for version 2 as the button front is just adorable. My fabric choice made me feel that I was making a dress that is suitable for the winter and early (often rather chilly spring)

This is a mini corduroy with a great match of lining. I am genuinely excited to get started. Although looking through my stash for inspiration I did come across a lovely vintage cotton that I thought would be a great version 2 and would be a perfect later spring to summer. 

As I have been tracing the pattern and cutting it out, planning toile for a good fit I thought 'what the heck' so I'm turning a little crazy and planning both versions 1 and 2!

All I can hope for is that I don't get to bogged down, and best scenario is that I end up with two beautiful dresses. This is rather an exciting start to the year, what are your plans ?

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Pure Experimental

I may not have had a blog post in a while but my thoughts have been with you and my sewing machine. In fact I have had the most wonderful birthday present (back in October) of an OVER LOCKER!!!!! Wow, I was so excited and scared all at the same time.

Using new equipment takes time to get to know it experiment a little or a lot. Well that in itself is challenging when sewing time has been limited. I thought I would very sensibly use a freebie pattern and fabric from the stash. In walks Simply sews Bela dress.

Being an experiment I didn't stick to any sewing rules, I didn't bother with a zip(it didn't need it with a knit fabric) Arm and hem lengths shortened, purely due to making so many mistakes or getting to grips with tensions and stitches.  I feel I have so much to learn, it was lovely using my sewing machine afterwards it felt so comfortable I knew it and what to do. So here is :

Having a over locker has put me so out of my comfort zone and felt rather scarred to use it. Having a stern talking to myself knows that a few smaller projects with room to learn is the only option, also to be brave, something I will have to practice! On the brighter side it has given me a pat on the back and made me acknowledged my sewing machine skills, and that even when totally to plan I love the opportunity to make, and really that is the main point!

My Makes Low Down

  1. To improve on : generally using a over locker.
  2. Didn't go to plan : hemming and shortening the sleeves
  3. What I love about it, the shape of the top half and the fabric
  4. Would I make it again ; no.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Spot my trend.

So I have noticed how I love to snuggle in the warmth while the wind howls outside, and then get all inspired by sewing and blogging, then the real trend takes place. Inspiration, planning and maybe a little sewing BUT by a few months in life takes over. So I don't want to chastise myself for this rather than accept and make a new plan,for 2016 is going to be simple.

To be fair life has been busy this year I have completed my personal trainers course followed by exercise specialist in cancer rehab, so a big year for work. As much as I loved it, and have noticed how I miss  opportunity to be creative. So here I go again.......................................

This year I have been inspired by a few lovely Christmas books to get me in the mood

I am also a little slow off the mark but I think I'm in love with seamwork from Colette, where I have found a fountain of goodies to keep me happy, and interesting articles to inspire and talk about.

For 2016 I have made a pledge to not buy any brand new clothing for myself, for two reasons
 1. I have lots of clothes and really don't need new, but should I need something special then
 2. I can get my creative fix, knowing that I don't have to sew but I like it and want too.

2016. I hope it is a wonderful year to you all.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Long term projects.

We all have a few projects that we never really get round to finishing, on the dressmaking scene its labelled a UFO! I tend to find my other crafting projects take their time, mainly because I'm not in any rush to complete, I spend time crafting as a luxury moment, or there is just something about the doing and not completing or is it the fact they are huge projects that will obviously take a lifetime to complete.
 I thought it would be nice to share these projects see what others have lurking in cupboard, So here we are my first offering to the WIP 'work in progress'

I only know how to make a granny square so my plans are simple, a giant square as a bed cover! Yes its been a WIP for 2 years now!

I adore crochet, I have my board to collect inspiration, and that's as far as I often get but it doesn't stop me from appreciating all of those other beautiful color yarns  of wonder. 

Any WIPs to share?

Monday, 16 March 2015

Oh So Short!

Having read the lovely article by Sarai on Coletterie on DIY anxiety and fully understood all the points, and more besides. I resolve to not be so critical about myself, I am going to only highlight one area of improvement, and one area that didn't go to plan. Other than that I am going to celebrate the fact I have got thus far and make to enjoy! 

So here we go with my new resolve! The Ruby dress:

1. To improve on : reading patterns more carefully, oh my this is short!! 
2.  Didn't go to plan : the hemming!
3. What I love about it : the bodice fit is perfectly.
4.  Would I make it again : yes.

Monday, 9 March 2015

My perfect weekend.

I have recently bought myself (yes another) book, nourish. It is a lovely happy smiling type of book that reminds us to look and listen to body, mind, spirit and soul. Although I have done little more than oooooh and aaaah over the pictures I felt that to nourish myself would be my weekends goal.

So with a quick whiz through my weekend before I go off to plant my broad bean and tomato seeds, this is what I have been up to

With blue sky's and the promise of spring we ventured round Burrow reservoir. It felt like a real treat since last autumn Arthur has grown enough to manage a real stomp! To get out and about, forest bathing just lifted our spirits. We totally wore out Arthur and the dog.

We have spent our evenings eating and drinking, watching films and cosying in. With time for yoga, coffee and cake. And yes even a little sewing, here is my latest project a Ruby dress.

I hope you have managed to nourish yourself and have a very lovely weekend.