Monday 19 August 2013

My Truffle Dress.

I love my new dress, MrPB also loves my new dress (he mainly says he likes stuff just to keep me hapy) but I know he really does like this dress.

I started this as apart of the Colette sew along of all the items in the handbook, I only got as far as cutting the pattern out. The next step was to be apart of the indie pattern challenge in June. I did finish this dress by the end of July.

All I can say is it was worth the wait, I personally feel this is the nicest make I have completed. It hasn't all been plain sailing though, a few aleterations to the top and the truffle ruffle. I also decided not to line the dress ans I took time to perfect my rolled hems that are 5mm wide. I'm so proud!!!

 This is the first time I have made a dress with a bodice and skirt, I always felt that my pot belly wouldn't be very flattering but I'm really impressed. 

The fabric came from a boot fair a few years back, an old bed sheet in perfect condition. cotton with lovely blue flowers that aren;t too prissy.

Can you tell, I love y new make! If I only get round to making two or three items a year I would be thrilled. Anyone else loving their sommer dresses?


  1. It's lovely... Great seeing you sewing again x

  2. Charlotte, I love the dress. It looks fantastic on you.. great find on the fabric[sheet]..

  3. It's lovely Charlotte, you clever sewer! How great having something that you've made especially for you, that fits perfectly and you are so happy with; bet it cheers you up every time you put it on :) x

  4. How pretty! Lovely fabric and pattern combination.

  5. Thank you all for your kindness, I can not tell you how great this dress makes me feel! So glad to have something I really love.