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Friday, 20 July 2012

Pin cushion swap ends, and thankyou so much.

The pincushion swap has come to the end of it's journey, and what an amazing journey it has been with 130 swappers! It has been so much fun and has old been so successful due to all of your crafty inspiration and dedication. So thank you all that took part it has been wonderful.

I would also like to thank all of the generous crafters that gave that most amazing prizes. It was you lovely ladies that gave the swap a dynamic and exciting feel along with inspiring all of us with our own crafty adventures.

And finally thank you to Rachel that organised this event with me, it has been hard work but we both agree totally worth it.

If you would like to see more feedback that take a look at Rachel's blog today.

Once again THANK YOU.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pin Cushion Parade volume 2.

Hello everyone, this is volume 2 of the parade. Today I'm simply showing a selection of pin cushions, I hope you enjoy them and thank you to those that have shared their lovely swapsys!
1: Fay
3: Diane{ Marguerite designs}

Rachel's {} is showcasing different pincushions today, so why don't check it out.

 I would like to say thank you for all of those of you that took the time and effort to join in.

Secondly we are having another opportunity to show off any of your own pin cushions either received or given, time to show all those lovely self stitched goodies. So join in the link party that will be open for a week.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pin cushion Swap Parade.

Rachel & I are so impressed with all creative and fun pincushions that holding one pincushion parade won't be enough.

We are so glad you made it today and are joining on the fun!

We will host a selection of the handmade pincushions and needle cases made every Saturday until we have shared them all.After we will share our reflections and your thoughts so please feel free to comment!
We had a small issue with the 1st link part (it was free and they closed because they wanted to charge us, so if you don't mind we have opened a new one here and at Charlotte's blog.

This week the categories are showcasing are:

1.Brandi{Blog} Made a turtle and she used this free pattern.
2.Amanda{Blog} Made a peacock inspired by this tutorial.
3.Georgina{Blog} Made a cat.
4.Harinder{Blog} Made a lady bug.

5.Hayley{Blog}Made a turtle and octopus.
6.Louise{Blog}Made a peacock from Liberty Sewing Book.

7.Karen{Blog}Made a bear.
8.Jess. Made a bunny.

Rosemary. Made a swan.

11.Vimi. Made a cupcake
12..Jenny{Blog}Made a watermelon
13.Lisa{Blog}Made a strawberry
14.Katie{Blog}Made a strawberry

Don't miss next posts as we have a lot more pincushions to show you! We will have food, jubilee, patchwork, utilitarian, kits, squares, houses and more...

If your 'theme' is gone before you sent us a picture, don't worry, send us a photo!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pin Cushion Swap Update.

Well well well, the pin cushion swap in just flying by, with most of us having received our swap goodies we are no nearly at the end of this great adventure. The finale will be the pin cushion swap parade which will start this Saturday on both mine and Rachel's blogs as a linky party which will be open for one week. So in the meantime we will allow the rest of the week to let the postman deliver the last few goodies and enjoy the week! See you on Saturday!

Friday, 22 June 2012

My Pin Cushion Arrives !

It has been so exciting running the pin cushion swap (although a lot of organizing and hard work too). The best bit of course is the actual swap and making new friends. I was lucky enough to make a new friend Colleen in Canada. She has made me a beautiful pin cushion in some of my favorite colours.

Thank you Colleen it is a wonderful pin cushion and already in constant use! And here is a little peek at what I sent to Colleen.

                                       Isn't swapping the best fun!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

How many buttons game.

Good morning,

If you missed the game of guess the buttons, we would like to offer you another chance, another prize. This is open to pin cushion swappers only.

Simply guess how many buttons in the cupcake case, easy really!

This time the prize is a handmade hessian bag, with cotton trim and a book fabric flowers.


Open internationally

Only members of pincushion swap

Closing date is 28 June GMT London 8pm.

The winner must contact us directly to claim the prize within one week. 

The winner will be announced on July 29 2012.

Not obliged to follow my blog but It would make me really happy if you did.

To enter :
Write a comment guessing how many buttons is displayed on the photo, inside this cupcake case.

Winner:The person that achieves the closed guess up or down. If more than one person, those names will be put into a bow and HRH will draw the winner at random. I may even declare both winners and send you some prizes. 

Extra entries:

Go to Rachel's blog and comment your answer there too.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Last weeks winners and Cutelulu give away.

The winner for the IPAD cover is: Gillie that said " I love the colours of these fabrics on this tech cover as it reminds me of cath kidston." 
The winner for the pincushion ring is: KAY that said "My favourite is the green one on her thumb which has a aqua button"

Congratulations and please contact us!

What to meet our lovely sponsor this week {Cutelulu}

I learn to sew long time ago, when I was child with my mother, and then I took some courses.

When I was living in Spain I discover the Patchwork and this is one of my favorite things to do at the moment, I also work with felt I like to make dolls and animals in plush. When I have time I do knitting and crochet.

I take some ideas from the Japanese stile and also I follow some North American patchwork blogs.

On my and my sister Etsy shop, you will find some of the thing I do.

What's for grabs? 

Felt Needle Case Book - Needle Crochet Case - Floral Embroidery


Open internationally

Open to all

Closing date is Sunday 24 June GMT London 8pm.

The winner must contact us directly to claim the prize within one week. 

The winner will be announced on June 26th 2012.

Not obliged to follow my blog but It would make me really happy if you did.

To enter :

Post us a comment on your favorite colour.

Extra entries:

Go to Rachel's blog and comment your answer there too.

Comment on Facebook Page  

Thursday, 14 June 2012

How to make a Jammie Dodgers and other cookies from felt.

This cute felt Jammie Dodger is a creation of Ouissi Gresty and was feature on Mollie Makes
Jammie Dodger and other felt biscuits. Photograph: Philip Sowels/Mollie Makes

What you need

Beige and red felt
Soft stuffing

Biscuit-coloured embroidery thread

Fine needle


What to do

1. Cut out your felt shapes using these templates. You can layer the red jam felt piece, the top of the biscuit, the 'splat' and the little round 'splash'.
2. Make sure the 'jam' fills the heart-shaped holes and that the splat and top holes line up. Pin the layers together.
3. Sew around the heart, making sure the stitches go through all layers.
4. Sew around the outer edges of the splat and the round splash piece.
5. Fold the long side piece in half lengthwise and sew down the centre.
6. Open out the two long edges to form the sides of the biscuit.
7. Pin one long edge of the side piece to the edge of the top of your biscuit.
8. Sew all the way around the top.
9. Stuff your biscuit, making sure you fill the edges and corners. Don't fill it so full that it bulges!
10. Pin the bottom piece to the bottom edge of the jammie dodger and sew.

Ouissi Gresty is the author of Felt Biscuits (How2Crafts, £6.95) and blogs at

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

More Give aways!

Hello lovely readers,
  Rachel and I are really pleased with the running of the swap. Many of you have already received your parcels but some have a little longer way to go due to location distances. If you have received your pincushion, would be great if you could share it on the our Flickr group. 
We have seen some amazing stuff and will be showcasing it on the pincushion swap parade later this month.
If you received your pincushion and blogged about it, why don't you add your blog post on our link party, here.
You probably wondering what other lovely giveaway we have in store and who have won the iPad cover. 
For some reason it wasn't very clear last week that the post was a giveaway as I got some enquired by email and on Facebook. 
For that reason, we are going to extend the closing day and continue running the iPad cover giveaway in parallel with todays pincushion ring. 
For the IPAD cover picture and the lovely Sponsor that made it.{here}
Extended closing date:17 june. Same rules apply.
To win, comment here what is your favourite iPad function. Apps, Ibooks, Games.. etc
Comment will be carried over, but do comment on this post to have a chance of winning today's prize!
Want to meet our sponsor for the pincushion ring?

Firstly, let me write... I have always been an entrepreneur, ALWAYS! As a small child I took my artwork to my mom and dad’s places of work and sold them to their coworkers (not because they were amazing or anything, but the people appreciated my verve, I guess) I had lemonade stands constantly, sold do-dads in front of our house, had yard sales etc. My grandmother started me sewing small things as early as 5 and by 8 I could use her sewing machine, carefully since it was a treadle and required coordination. Then in my teens I had become a very proficient seamstress. I made most of my clothing and soon was doing it for friends or teaching them to sew. My mom had an outdoor outfitter company making custom clothing for dog mushers, and I soon found myself designing and making items for Iditarod mushers. My specialty was harnesses and dog booties for every condition of snow and ice. I made thousands upon thousands of them and had quite the living as a junior and senior in high school. :) Once in college I floundered from biology to writing and from college sports to finally deciding that I was an artist at my core, so why fight it... I set out to get a BFA in sculpture. After finishing my four years, I was on my way to get a Masters in Industrial Design but let life sidetrack me with travel and a husband. It was the best distraction I could have ever been given!

As for pin cushions, whats not to LOVE? I have a small collection of interesting ones and am always looking at them on etsy, in antique stores and I love to make them. At present I make 5 different ones for my stores, but my favorite to use is the thumb ring version. It’s efficient and CUTE!The Bee Wise line has about 65 items and that includes the patterns for most of what I make to sell. I love to make new ideas, hence the growing line of handmade things that all started with a reusable grocery bag. 

You can find me:

Open internationally

Open to all

Closing date is Sunday 17 June GMT London 8pm.

The winner must contact us directly to claim the prize within one week. 

The winner will be announced on May 19 th 2012.

Not obliged to follow my blog but It would make me really happy if you did.
To enter :

Post us a comment telling us which of the pincushion rings would like to win.
Extra entries:

Go to Rachel's blog and comment your answer there too.
Good Luck.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Mommy's nap time, pin cushion tutorial.

Hi everyone! I'm Emily from Mommy's Nap Time. I'm married and a stay at home mom to a crazy preschooler. I work part time at an awesome used book store, and I love to read nearly as much as I love to sew! 
I love tiny piecing, paper piecing, precision, free piecing, Harry Potter, and all things made with Anna Maria Horner fabric. I'm from the Chicagoland area where I'm really loving my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild!
Most of my pincushions. It's obvious which one I use all the time!
I've been sewing since I was a kid, and received my very first sewing machine at the age of 11. That adds up to almost 20 years of sewing! I started quilting about four years ago when my daughter was born, and I haven't stopped since.  
The first pincushion I ever made. It measures about 2.5" square!
A few months after I started quilting I started joining flickr swaps. And one of them was the Scrappy Pincushion Swap (check it out for a TON of great pincushion inspiration!). Since then I've acquired quite a few pincushions. And I've even posted a tutorial for my own! 
The tutorial is very very simple, uses even the teensiest scraps (my favorite!), and is the cutest thing to happen to scissors in a long time!
If you do make a teeny pincushion using this tutorial I'd love to see it! Please go on and join my (brand new) flickr group and share what you've made! 
Obligatory photo of my favorite pincushion.
Inherited from my grandma. 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Ipad cover give away & last weeks winner!

Good Morning everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. If you're in the UK enjoying an extra bank holiday despite the weather!

Did you guess how many buttons where there? The heart bowl had 243 cute little buttons.
The closest guess had only 10 buttons difference. Well done Jenny ! 
Contact me by email and I will make a tissue holder specially for you ! 

Today you will meet another talented lady and be in a chance to win an iPad cover.

My name is Margarida, I'm Portuguese (from the sunny and warm Algarve) and
for 10 years I worked as an executive secretary. I'm currently living (and
crafting) in London where (and while) I'm eagerly looking for a job.
Twitter Style, descrive yourself in 140 characters.

Friendly and smiling.A dreamer and a fighter who sets up goals for each

dream.The 4 most inspiring women in my life are my grannies, my mum and my

sister - my father is my gratest fan!
What inspires you?
Sometimes too many things!!! Anything can be inspiring: a tree in the park,
the sound of the waves on a summer night, the reds and the oranges of the
sunset, a smile, a picture, a book cover, a sentence or a poem. And most of
all my grandmother - she is definetely my biggest inspiration!
What is your creative space like?

Well, now I don't have a creative space... but at home I have a very large

room with a window to my back yard which has a lot of fruit trees.

Sometimes it can be very messy (ooppsss!!!) and confusing, so when this

happens I have to stop for a while and sort of tidy it
Since I've moved to London I haven't had the chance to sew a lot (only when
I went home for Easter), so I've been working on other things. I knitted a
few things in January, then I started drawing and now I've just started
practicing crochet.
Usually I finish everything I start, but there's a quilt I haven't had the
chance to finish and it's stopped since last September!!!
What is your favourite thing that you’ve created so far? why
Difficult to say because every finished item is always my favourite :-)))
But if I had to choose I would go for a quilt I made for my goddaughter
nearly two years ago.Pink is her favourite colour and I wanted to make
something she would keep for a life time, so I made her a quilt which she
keeps on her bed since then. I'm sure that in the next five minutes I'll
think of something else, but that will make this an impossible question to

More about me:

I hope you like the iPad cover I made for you

Open internationally

Open to all - be aware some giveaways will be restricted to members of the pincushion swap party only. Join us!

Closing date is Sunday 10 June GMT London 8pm.

The winner must contact us directly to claim the prize within one week. 

The winner will be announced on May 12 th 2012.

Not obliged to follow my blog but It would make me really happy if you did.

To enter :

Visit Margarida's shop and tell us what do you think.
Extra entries:

Go to Rachel's blog and comment your answer there too.

Like Pano par Mangas Facebook and let me know you did.

Like my Facebook Page  and let me know you did.
If you done already, remind me so I can add the extra entry.

Best of luck, and look out for our next post on Thursday something really special coming up!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Scissor Case Tutorial

I think everyone is loving all these pin cushions and needle cases, but this is a little chance for something extra. scissor case, very simple, no sewing machine needed.

You will need : paper, pen, scissors, felt, embroidery thread, decoration (optional)

1. Draw around you pair of scissors.

2. fold your pattern in half  and cut, this will make it symmetrical.

3. Place the large pattern onto the paper and draw around as shown, this will create the pattern for the front case.

4. Cut your felt using your patterns, two of each size.

5. On One of the case fronts, you may decorated as you wish.

6. place both case fronts together (optional : you can also place the pattern in the middle like a sand which to give it a little more ridgedness )

7. Start blanket stitch across the top of the front

8. When you reach the end, add the back pattern to the front, then blanket stitch around the rest of the case. 

And finished!

As you can see I chose vintage buttons as they match my needle case

Also white felt to match the inside of my needle case.