Tuesday 28 May 2013

What A Week

And I really mean, what a week! The first half had been intensive preparing for an interview. AS some of you will know, I enjoy my job as a physio technical instructor but I work to many hours and find the home life work life balance difficult. To cut to the chase I have bagged myself a new job, more or less the same. A generic therapist working physio and occupational therapy duties in the haematology ward of our main hospital in Exeter, I can not tell you how pleased I am and what a great opportunity this is for work and home, so lets hope the next month moves along and I get to start.

With all the excitement I ended up with a tummy bug and a few days in bed! This changes the plans for a bank holiday but has enabled me to really enjoy the home, and things that I like to do, so to the main point : My allotment!

MrPB helped dig over the beds, and we have six small beds with runner beans, french beans, shallots, potato, mixed carrot and parsnip and cabbage hearts. Well it's in and we will keep our fingers crossed.

My biggest joy has been the humble shallot, I think  it is because is it has survived all weather and looks lush and healthy.

So that was the tidy half, this is the more caotic side yet to be mastered to my vision!!

We have been so lucky inheriting a asparagus bed, that I have often had this for breakfast, I feel like a queen.

As you know all the other jobs don't go away, but I have been thrilled that some of the garden has started to look after itself. A great example of this is Arthur's willow den, started lasted year and just looking amazing.

Yes the garden is still for veggies to and my favourite space saving beds are old tyres, they really are amazing. This year we have rhubarb, runner beans, nasturtiums, tomato and sweet peas no less.

So alot happening in the veggies garden and life. But just so you know I'm not down hearted after my jersey disaster I already have a summer dress on the table. Here is a sneak preview, and yes my first fully lined dress.

I hope you all had a good weekend. x


  1. So happy about your new job Charlotte.. Hope it works better for your home life, and also , that you will love it.
    Your gardens are looking great.. That is what we did today...worked in the garden [I am pooped!! but it was such fun]
    Love your new dress pattern..This will be pretty, look forward to seeing it. Happy sewing.

  2. I'd love an allotment, a very rare thing in these parts!
    The dress looks beautiful!

  3. Congratulations on your new job! Sounds perfect :) And so much growing, will be a tasty year for you all. I love Arthur's den, very cool! xx

  4. Congratulations on the new job! I love all your photos of your allotment and your garden - so inspiring! We're in the process of buying a flat (finger's crossed) with a garden so I'm looking forward to the cahnce to plant some veg and I love the tyre idea!

  5. Congratulations on your new Job!!! Your allotment is looking fabulous and what a beautiful view you have there with all those rolling hills, it must be inspiring to work away with that to look at! Yumm asparagus for breakfast, thats a delicious way to start the day:) xx

  6. Thanks everyone of the congratulations! I am super excited, and just as happy spending time at home.

  7. Nice work in the garden, and I am so jealous of your asparagus! Eggs and asparagus is the breakfast of champions! :)