Thursday 13 June 2013

What I was going to say was....

What I was going to say two weeks ago was, no time for sewing the sun is out and we are a family of mini adventures this year! But of course time has gone by and another weekend of no sewing and now the sun has gone in ans I even managed a short hour of sewing time this week. BUT I did want to share my adventure.

So lucky me managed a long weekend over the hottest days of the year so far. We planned a great camping trip, just a one night but still great to get away from it all. We drove to Totnes in Devon to get to market day, which I know you wold love, it's a mixture of hand made, thrift home cook or reared. We got many supplies here!
We also stumbled upon a lovely community garden, it was so beautiful and climbing area made from a fallen tree, meadow like with paths cut. Although it was new it had wonderful tall trees for shade, it was real inspiration.

We then made the short journey past Kingsbridge to Old Cotmore Farm. This is a lovely little site with only a few camping spots. Ive been here over a decade ago when they used to have a extra camping field which was a little more wild, this was unavailable at this time. All the same great toilets, showers, freezer for ice blocks. To be honest it was rather pristine for use it felt like we were camping in someones back garden!

Being so close to the coast we made an evening visit to Beesands, where there isn't any sand! I love this long long coast line that can be ever so bleak and it was here that I decided that I would move to Devon. On this visit the sun was shiny and the old fish shop has gone more up market, selling great fish and chips.

So onwards we went to a stunning cove called Lannercombe bay. With only parking for half a dozen cars and miles down a tine dirt track you don't get too much in the way of over crowding. All I can say is it wonderful!

The mini adventure didn't stop there. Although we returned home on the Sunday we went to the Respect festival in Exeter. An amazing multi cultural festival of music, food, and good times. As a part of this the Yoga community came together to practise 108 sun salutations. I took part managing only half which even then took over an hour! It was a lovely experience.

And yes Arthur who has now reached 4, also had a great time!

 I hope you all have been enjoying life along with the joys of crafts and dressmaking. I'm slowly plodding on with my maxi dress hopefully have something to show you soon.


  1. Lovely... thanks for giving us glimpses of your little adventure to Devon. Cx

  2. I spent a year working in Slapton just up the coast from many moons ago so its lovely to see photos of the area. I used to go to Beesands quite a bit for work, thanks for reminding me how lovely it is there but don't tell too many people or it will get spoilt!!

  3. That sounds like a great campsite and I lvoe all your sea-side photos! I also love the idea of the big group sun salutations - that must have been lovely to take part in.

    1. Yes yoga in asuch a big group was great, and when the sun came out it was so exciting

  4. Charlotte, what a wonderful getaway.. I love the simple ,short fun. and nothing more fun than camping.. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.. Looks so fun.. Proud you enjoyed it..
    Arthur is really growing up.. So cute..

  5. Thankyou all, yes Devon is pretty special when the sun comes out! Glad you enjoy seeing some of it. x