Monday 26 September 2011

Autumn Fabric and Leg Warmers.

 As you may have seen I have made the first item of autumn, it was a joy to make up and so comfortable that it hasn't left me for the last three days!
So inspired by this I took a visit to my local fabric shop, wow yet more joy. Instead of the old cave of a shop it has relocated to the other side of the bridge where it now lives in a lovely spacious and bright new shop! As you can imagine I wanted to buy everything!! I ended up with lot:

Top right is lovely brown stripe wool, yes trousers! Below a floral light cotton for a shirt. The other floral is corduroy and will probably be a top, finally a green fleece which I want to make the simplicity 80s T. shirt again. I love having a list of things to get on and make, so I'm very happy.

I have also been very lucky and was given by a lovely neighbour this amazing pattern. It is untouched 1975, I am in heaven!!

Finally I am not a great knitter BUT, I have made my first pair of leg warmers. It was so much fun, this pair will be making there way to Kent for my sisters birthday, I'm now busy knitting a second pair in turquoise for myself. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend too. x x x


  1. Ooooh! Lovely fabric and snazzy leg warmers! Really like the coat pattern too, what will you make it with?

  2. Love your new fabric.. Looks like you had a really fun shopping trip, and came home with some great fall fabrics.. Love them all, and cant wait to see what you make with them..
    Great pattern too.. Nice friend..
    also, love your leg warmers.. I dont know how to knit.. and think I am too old to learn,ha.
    Happy sewing.

  3. That coat pattern looks amazing!! Love the leg warmers, you have made me realise I need to knit myself a pair to wear with my wellies this winter :)

  4. Love the color on those leg warmers!