Saturday 1 October 2011

I'm Published!

No novel writing for me, nothing so grand! Although I am feeling rather proud of my little article that explains my pledge to dressmaking.

All of us dressmakers have different reasons for joining the cause, but now we are hooked and enjoying each others inspiration and support, and I thought that was worth writing about.

The magazine in question is called Inspired Times, I think it is just that! It is a truly cool mag that is creative, ethically aware, opens our minds to other ways of life and inspires through everyday living and our spirituality.

Go and find it, it's worth a read!


  1. How exciting to be published, well done you! x

  2. OOooooOOooooh! Well done! Very exciting!

  3. Oh Wow how very exciting! The Go Slow Movement is such a great idea that it rightly deserves to be in print:) Well done!!!

    PS. Thank you soooo much for your lovely comments on my blog, they have really brightened my day x I am definitely going to go through my patterns this weekend to get some sewing inspiration for autumn:)

  4. Congradulations.. I am so happy for you..