Wednesday 1 June 2011

VEG PATCH May 2011

Since the end of April, my garden has come to more or less a stand still, the problem, no rain. As I had shown in my previous post there was a lovely burst of growth, but since then it hasn't rained. All is not lost though, as the flowers in my garden start to bloom. I just adore poppies, they maybe short lived and blow over, or the petals fall off in a strong down pour, but for that early splash of colour, they have to be worth it.

Other flowers starting to bloom would be my beloved roses, if I could fill a garden with them I would.

A quick look at the veggies will show that all is not lost. The broad beans are looking good, and the turnips are all ready plumping up!

Fingers crossed for a little rain, and hopefully the veg patch will be bountiful.

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