Monday 23 May 2011

DRESSMAKING now for something a little smaller.

My own challenge to myself was a disaster, making a special dress for my sisters wedding. Although I do not bear a grudge to myself as I intend to wear my own favourite dress that I have only worn once. The tea dress 1940s style, it is adorable!
I have done slightly, and only slightly better on the second challenge, to make Arthur a shirt to wear to the wedding. The shirt itself was really easy to make up, I defiantly want to give it another go. I also love the fabric, summery and fun. The only problem was the dreaded button holes, I am terrible at them. So  with the shirt nearly turning into disaster number two, I thought it best to pretend you could open the shirt up, but really you can not (this also helps the little problem of Arhtur completely undressing himself whenever my back is turned). This was going OK until I couldn't put the shirt over his head! So finally one button down, and not opening we have completed the challenge!

Arthur seems to love it too!