Friday 3 June 2011

DRESSMAKING The Ginger is Completed!

OK, it was some weeks ago that the fashionable stitch blog started a fab Colette pattern (The Ginger Skirt) sew a long. Well one weekend away, one wedding and five days in Kent later I have managed to catch up!!!
 To start with I chose a lovey piece of vintage fabric (I am selling the other half in my Etsy shop now), it was lovely to use.

Having a little pot belly (I'm not complaining, just stating) I did have to adjust the pattern , I followed the tutorial which I felt was brilliant. All went to plan. Until I made it up, the first time I have made a muslin, so glad I did. There was some adjusting needed to the waist band. But the pattern adjustments worked perfectly.
Cracking on I thought it was a terrible shame to waste the muslin fabric so I thought I would line my skirt with it!  So I managed my first lining which was actually a success, so I'm wearing my skirt inside out to show it off!

I thought all in all the Ginger was pretty cool. I am pleased with the results, as always there are parts to improve like putting in zips r sewing a straight hem line!

All in all a pretty good fit. Although having such a high waist band I feel I need a suitable top otherwise it just looks a little frumpy, I feel my next project coming on ...........


  1. Well done! Looks fantastic, really like how fresh it looks, it's the white background I think! What will you make next?

  2. Charlotte - your skirt looks fantastic, I love the waistband. Does it feel strange wearing it high though? I'm so used to wearing low waisted these days that I can't quite get my head around high waists again!

  3. Charlotte, It looks so lovely ! I love this types of waistbands.. With you all doing the ginger, I feel i have too ! xx

  4. Beautiful skirt. I just love this skirt pattern.I have made 2 and see the 3 rd one coming in my future soon.
    looks great on you. Judy