Wednesday 18 May 2011

DRESSMAKING Sew Weekly, London Meet Up.

Sew Weekly covers the whole world! But the girls in the UK have been planning to meet since early Feb, and 14th May 2011 we did it! Thankyou to Charlotte Tilly for her amazing organisation skills and keeping us girls together whilst trecking round London.
It was also agreed that we should in the spirit of SW make our outfits, so best of British we had a red, white, and blue theme. I personally thought FAB, as these are colours I would wear, so I was on the case. My patterns where a 70s number bought for me on Valentines day from my hubby and the fabric a vintage bed sheet, and the pattern to go trousers which I have posted before.

So the trousers have already been made up, and I love them! The shirt was great, I was really enjoying making it, the whole wrap idea was lovely, the way the sleeves where all floaty! Untill I put it on, oh no! It was rather to short in the body, as 70s trousers would have been much higher or you may have been ok about bearing your middle. So I wore a vest underneath.

Now for the actual day! It was amazing, there was such an air of excitement, imagine meeting a pen pal for the first time and times that by 14! You just didn't know who to turn to next and examine their out fit, they where all brilliant. It was really rather emotional. My mum came along too, so she to loads of photos at the V&A, our meeting place, and where we also saw an exhibition.

Just look at all of these women, we all made our outfits, time, effort, personal style, all coming together, no wonder everyone else couldn't take their eyes off us, what a sight !!
After the exhibition, and plenty of tea and cake it was off to Goldhawk Lane to do some serious fabric shopping. At the tube station we meet up with another sewing blogging group, I made that, so collectively there where 40 sewers in one place! All hitting the 13 fabric shops! I thought I was quite restrained and bought four fabrics.
The blue jersey, a green patterned cotton, ared flower flanelette, and my favourite green flower baby cord.

When needing a pit stop we all headed to a trendy bar, this gave a great oppertunity for yet more related sewing stuff, a pattern and fabric swap.

It took quiet a while there was just loads to go through, but I was really pleased with these two.

All in all it was just a brilliant brilliant day.


  1. Omigoodness I love your shirt! The style is fabulous! I'm glad you had such fun at the Meet Up - I love seeing pictures of all the outfits!

  2. It was so much fun to meet you! Your shirt and trousers are AWESOME! And I'm glad you walked away with the hooded pattern I brought!

  3. Oooh, cute patterns! Which one do you think you'll make first?

    You ladies sound like you had so much fun! It's been fabulous seeing the photos of all of your outfits come up on your blogs and on the Sew Weekly.

  4. Charolette, I am so proud you enjoyed the meet . I can tell from the photos ,that you all had a great time..
    I love your fabrics ,you came home with.. anxious to see them in garments.the corduroy is beautiful!!!!
    Happy Sewing.

  5. I pretty much feel the need to re-create your outfit, as that top pattern is just amazing. But I need the pattern number!

  6. Lisette, it is no.5112. Hope that helps, any trouble let me know and I'l trace it and send it to you, it only had 3 bits to it!

    As for everyone else, thanks so much! More 70s is what I say.

  7. I can't find it for sale in the 12-14 that the size you've got? If so, I would love if you would trace it! I'd pay for shipping, obviously.

  8. Hi Lisette, the pattern I have is a size medium, but I wear a uk 12-14. I will trace it for you an contact you so I know where to send it!

  9. <3 You can email me: taponmyback (at)