Tuesday 10 May 2011


The summer outfits are coming along nicely, I think it is more due to the fact I have been working on very easy patterns, not much in the way of a challenge here. Although saying that, it feels really pleasing to be able to just 'knock something up'.
Well without further ado, here is my new summer t. shirt. In not so summery conditions!

OK yes, it's from my pattern to go, yet again! But I love this pattern I can say with heart on hand that anything I make up I just wear and wear. This is good because I'm now counting two pair if trousers, two tops and a dress, at least it makes the pattern good value for money.

I also feel that my skills are improving but doing the same pattern again and again. I pre washed the fabric and it was a tell tell sign that it wasn't going to look smooth and iron as the grey is slightly metallic and it was really hard  to get those creases out, other wise very happy seeing as I nearly passed up this fabric in the shop, but I got a deal as it was the bit left!


  1. I love this fabric!! I'm so glad you didn't pass it up :) Well done!

  2. Super cute top! Love your hat too! Your weather seems to be the same as where I live, too cold for summer!

  3. Thanks, I have now worn this top nonstop for a week! (maybe I shouldn't admit to things like that!!)

  4. Love the top.Is this a jersey ? Because I could swear that I have the same fabric as a woven.

  5. Yes it is jersey, I bet it would be lovely in a coton too, maybe we should compare!