Friday 15 April 2011

DRESSMAKING, yet more stash!

Some one please help me!! I am totally addicted to my local boot fair on a Sunday morning, I even know which sellers to hunt out to get the best old sheets and duvet covers, I am in love with them for flowery patterns ans sheer size! I must stop though.

They are a little bit lovely though aren't they? Oh how I love to have piles and piles of fabric!!


  1. Uhhh...someday I will post a photo of the scary corner of my basement that is my fabric storage area. And by storage, I mean dumping ground of vintage sheets, curtains and fabric yardage that I get for practically nothing at estate sales around Montreal. It's shameful, but I can't stop. Maybe I'll be forced to when one of the kids disappears beneath a vintage pillowcase avalanche.

  2. It means you need to start sewing! Get some patterns to match the fabrics and get to it! ;)

  3. I'm in love with that yellow and orange floral!