Tuesday 19 April 2011

FAMILY LIFE, a seasonal table

You may remember having a nature table at school when you were young? I do, I also really enjoy the
celebration of all the seasons, I'm not really a religous person but I do like the joys of mother earth. Last autumn I decieded to create a table that would bring thoughtfulness of each season into my home. I am also a childminder and feel I am giving something more to the children I look after, and all the adults that visit my house also enjoy it!

So I thought I would share my easter table with you, I plan that each year I will add little flower fairys and animals  The little purple crocus fairys I made along with the blossom fairy hanging, but I did buy the hanging eggs and knitted ducks.
I have enjoyed this so much that I'm really looking forward to the joys of summer time. x x x

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  1. Ooooh! Lovely table! I've been thinking of doing some sort of table decoration, but the cat would eat/destroy/run away with anything I did put on there!

    Here's the place I got the labels: