Wednesday 13 April 2011

DRESSMAKING shirt dress no.1.


I am so pleased to say that the first of my three shirt dresses is made.
 This has been quiet a new venture for me, the first collar I've made, well aren't they clever and so am I for having managed it! I am really pleased with the end result too, I'm planning to wear it out in just two days time.
Being a little more self critical I have noticed the interfacing needs a little tacking into place, plus the right type of belt may help so I don't look like a sack of potato's, also I shortened the pattern, maybe a little to much!?!
 Other things I like about it is when I have added the little belt, it looks like a pencil skirt (which is on my wish list to make one day), also the fabric reminds me of more vintage home front style. Plus I can dress it down and wear it more casually by taking off the belt and wearing it with a long sleeve t. shirt underneath and leggings. How versatile!!


  1. Looks great! Well done! Don't think it's too short, but obviously it's got to feel comfortable for you. Can't wait to see the other two!

  2. thankyou Mimi! the other two may have to wait, I have so many other things to sew too, sister of the bride project, the outfit for our Londin trip using up my ribbons and lace from the sew weekly challenge, all good fun though.

  3. Beautiful!I want to try something like this soon. What pattern did you use? How would you rate the difficulty level?-Hattie

  4. it wasn't too difficult really, if it is your firt dressmaking experience try for something slightly easier, but it wont take long to work up to this, I think it is a confifance thing for me.the pattern was aNew Look 6067 bin 89.I picked it up froma charity shop. good luck x x x