Tuesday 12 April 2011


I would like to thank Deb from the blog Finding my way for passing on this Stylish blogger award! I don't think I have ever described myself as stylish!! But how amazing, this is great news.

So that you know a little more about me I'm now going to tell you seven things about me!
1. according to my mum I used to draw pictures that look like pattern envelopes, girls with matching bags ect. so although I have come  into dressmaking late, it was meant to be!
2.I love love love to rummage, one mans rubbish is another mans treasure. That is why you will always see me queuing at the jumble sale, charity shop. boot fairs and it has been known to take a thing out two from a skip.
3.Really I'm a granny, my loves are sewing, gardening and family life.
4.I'm a girl that likes a list, I have lists for everything, and can write them over and over again.
5.I have never been happier in my life as I am now, I have a fab husband and four fab boys!
6. No I'm not ever trying for a girl!
7. I used to think blogs and on line chatting was weird but now I realise that if you have an interest and a way of communicating it;s great.

so now you know a bit more about me I would like to pass this award onto someone else. I think that Katja a blog that I have only just started to follow deserves this award. Her blog is really really cool please do go and have a look she is at


  1. Ooooooh! Blushblushblush! Thank you so much, and congratulations to yourself! Now - I only find your answers... uhm, what are the actual questions? ;-)

  2. I love how your #2 fact includes some wonderful examples of how British English and American English are so different. Jumble sale! Love it! And what is a boot fair?

  3. isn't funny how little things can get lost in translation. A boot fair is an organised event, the sellers take their cars and set up a table around the boot or 'trunk'? then the buyers wander round and buy stuff, genrally really cheap! I LOVE LOVE them.

  4. Like a flea market from your car, then. :)