Monday, 2 May 2016

Phoebe dress (that co-insides with Me-Made May 16)

 It has been a little while since my last post, longer since completing any makes of any description. But today I would like to share this lovely lovely (can you tell I'm pleased with it) dress. I started this back in January, I did in my deference make Phoebe version 1 and 2, it just took longer than planned to finish both.

So here we are Phoebe Dress by Colette Patterns.

I have to say this style is just right for me, it was also complex and easy enough just enough so I felt challenged yet pleased with the results. I also really like the fabric and the fact it can be dressed up or down (more down on a daily basis)

My Makes Low Down

To improve on : button holes, I manged them but my buttons don't fit all the holes. As I had manged so much with the rest of the dress I didn't want to change it to much and ruin it.

Didn't go to plan : timing really, but I got there in the end. and the button hole thing!

What I love about it : it is fitted but casual enough to wear daily.

Would I make it again : oh Yes!

This co-insides perfectly with Me-Made May 2016. I have not taken part in the last few years but I am looking forward to it. There is always so much excitement around may and Zoe has made it a wonder annual event. So here I go with me personal pledge.

 'I, Charlotte of sew far sew good, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavor to wear clothes that I have made myself for each weekend for the duration of May 2016'

I have also been following a really interesting blog on less waste, which I know the sewing blogs hold dear to your heart. Jen from make do and mend life has been a beacon to all of us. Jen has also challenging us to mend rather than throw away, I will also be trying my best to follow along.

On the first day of this challenge is, Show me and my mending, and very simply I keep it in a pile!!! I now hope to be shamed enough to actually do something about it.

Finally I have been following these guys on Instagram, I find them so inspiring, being a girl of nature. Therefore if crafting and family isn't enough I have set yet another challenge. Re wild yourself 30 days challenge. I hope to push the boundaries of weather and after work sit down!

I feel there has been a lot to say, maybe that is trying to put to much into a post, more regular blogging would probably be advised. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


  1. Your dress is gorgeous, and these are lovely photos! Good luck with your mending and thanks for the link to that challenge. I've got some jeans I really would like to mend, maybe using Sashiko, and a ripped leather jacket that I've no idea to mend but am determined that someday I will.
    That Re Wild challenge sounds interesting, I'll go have a read. My only issue with some of these blogs/websites is sometimes they make me feel bad/sad for living in a big city (I'm sure that's more my perception than any intended view of the article) but this challenge sounds like it could be applied no matter where you live.