Saturday 7 May 2016

A Laurel Top (with a few silly mistakes)

I have been really enjoying Me Made May, loving the instagrams! As I have not done allot of sewing I feel I have little to contribute, although it has highlighted to me that us sewers wear our clothes for years! Pretty dresses and made to fit clothing seems to hold the test of time, and that is why most of my items will be a few years old. Until today that is!

Yep, the MMM16 has spurred me on to get making a thing or two (well actually only one at the moment). I rather swiftly have made a Colette Laurel, with yes a few silly mistakes.


I made this in a morning, having spent an evening cutting the pattern out. As the fabric is floaty I thought I would ditch the zip, I thought it unnecessary. I also used bought bias binding which was a god send. Over all I like the now top! Yes here are the mistakes, I cut out the pattern a size or maybe two sizes to big, didn't check and had to make some adjustments at the end. During this fiddling around I cut to close to the stitching having to mend a not even worn top, and finally it was the dress version which I shortened and yes I shortened further than I planned, so a top I have. But all in all I am still pleased with the over all look.

And this is what it looks like in real life, wanting to be in the garden but having to layer up!

The rest of my life:

gardening and lots of it! Loving that we already have a harvest and looking forward planting sweet potato and new zeland yams!

Also I've been jogging, and although I look like a beetroot it was beautiful.

And Arthur has lost a tooth and is looking rather gappy and waiting for the tooth fairy.

 I hope you are enjoying your week and Me Made May.


  1. Your top looks great, I love that fabric. And no make for me is complete without at least one silly mistake, and usually lots of unpicking!
    Arthur looks pretty happy to have lost a tooth, or is that the thought of the tooth fairy?!
    How exciting planting those vegetables! I've been enjoying seeing all the flowers & herbs I planted last year come back, maybe this year we'll plant some veg too!

  2. The top looks wonderful, its great that its lovely and loose fitting as it will be perfect for the warm weather! Ooh what a super harvest, I tried to grow sweet potatoes last year but messed up and they did nothing, I look forward to seeing how it should be done :-) How cute is little Arthur, he's growing so quick, I hope the tooth fary was generous!! xx