Tuesday 3 March 2015

In my mind I am a sewing bee contestant 

OK, I know I'm not really a sewing bee contestant but every time I watch it I feel like I am! So drawn into the excitement, the thrill has not diminished a fraction since the first series. In fact I think the sewing tasks each week are really challenging, and for this reason I know that sewing under pressure would never actually be my thing!

But and there is a big but, it doesn't mean I am not having the sewing bee experience in my mind every time I get out my sewing machine. To help me with the experience, yes I have bought all three books! And yes I love them, the third series book is great at 'pattern hacks' which has been inspiring as in real life I am not.

Although having three books have I ever sewn anything? Have you ever sewn anything from the sewing bee pattern range? I have just one lonely item, and she is not all that I wanted.

Enter, My one (so far ) seeing bee top.

Patrick and May would have been so proud of my slippery fabric choice and the time I took to match it all up. I was (in my head) going to be garment of the week winner with this one, beautiful french seams, perfect hemming. By far my best make yet...........................................................

Yes, something had to go wrong didn't it. Either I cut out the wrong pattern size, it comes out extremely small, I didn't measure myself  nut it was to small! Pissed off does not really cover it, so much so it has been left as a UFO for over a year.

With the excitement of the new series I dusted my efforts down, it is now a wearable number without the finesse I wanted, but hey ho it doesn't always go to plan.

Respect to all that have the courage to take part (and many tears that Ryan is not in it now)


  1. I absolutely love this top.. I think it looks so pretty on you..and the fabric is gorgeous..Just perfect. I think you moved right on up their in the sewing bee.ha

    Oh yes.. I love, love the sewing bees.. I almost, can not wait for the next one.. and I am so sad, when they end.ha Will miss Ryan. He was so sweet.But, I must say.. I am so impressed with the BSB, All the contestants are so sweet and nice. and they are so nice when they leave.. No big dramas [like the USA's Project Runway.-- I really don't like all that drama]
    I have not bought this last book, but sure I will .. I haven't sewed any of the patterns, but I have totally enjoyed the books.

  2. Oh what a shame you're not happy with the fit after all that work! And such gorgeous fabric too... ­čś×

    I'm going to miss Ryan on the bee - I was a bit surprised he left as he seemed to have done so well other weeks!

  3. Great fabric and I admire you persevering with slippery fabric. I have a failed skirt in fabric so slippery the size went all off - took me ages to return to sewing after that fail! I am also so enjoying GBSB - I don't want it to end!