Monday, 6 February 2012

80s Jumpsuit, and loving it!

So with a whole list of things to make for autumn and winter I was really busy until Christmas. I have since slowed down on the dressmaking front although enjoyed all sorts of other crafting. On my autumn / winter list was this jumpsuit because it was perfect for the Sew Active Project

So it's a new pattern but all jumpsuits have a 80s feel to them.  And I have been rather worried about looking like a big black blob, but actually I like it, the pattern that is not being a blck blob!! I may even have a go at the top at some point.

It is really lovely to wear the jersey is super soft and I hope it doesn't fall out of shape to quickly. I love to sew jersey but with this soft type I can understand why some find it rather challenging. It's always worth the effort I think.

My first attempt at trouser pockets! Looking good I think. and I'm rather proud of the gathering at the front of the top half too.

I wanted an item of clothing that was suitable for the Sew Active Project that I'm planning for myself. It just clothes that I can use for my everyday and active lifestyle choices such as cycling and yoga in style! The other main reason was I have a few long sleeve stripy T shirts and I wanted something to go with them instead of feeling lonely in my wardrobe!

Have you made anything that is great for your life rather than just looking pretty?