Wednesday 30 November 2011

the SEW ACTIVE project.

              This is the start of a new project that can bring fitness and creativity together!!

I want to say firstly that I am an avid fan of retro and vintage, my personal favourite era is the 70s (I know I have said it many many times before). I still want to make the styling and a whole wardrobe of pretty dresses too, however I have found that these patterns do not always lend themselves to my everyday activities.

I am a parent of four boys, a childminder, a dog walker, a keen yogi  I feel I need appropriate clothing that looks good to. Also with my pledge to projects such as seamless and the go slow clothes movement I feel it is very important to make my own.

So here is the birth of Sew Active, a celebration, a showcase for those of us who have made or refashioned their own clothing or accessories for a healthy life style. This may be perfect timing with the approach of the new year and all those resolutions to get fit.

This is the important but though, getting active in our self stitched clothing can be for any activity from dog walking to swimming. From gardening to dancing. From yoga to hard core marathon runners or gym bunnies. Here we would like to show that the creative types  like to get out and get our hearts pumping in a stylish manor!

So please join in the fun, add the picture to your blog (not forgetting to link back here). Also for the showcase join in on flickr

Happy Sewing everyone, I am sew so excited!


  1. hi, i love the idea of your project! don't think i will participate though. I'm always scared my self-sewn clothes will rip, and i wouldn't want that to happen in the middle of yoga-class :) but maybe i'll try it out at home first ;)

  2. How fun! What a good idea - certainly something to think about.... I don't usually take photos of myself in my boxercise outfit but I'll make an effort if I get a chance x