Monday 6 February 2012

80s Jumpsuit, and loving it!

So with a whole list of things to make for autumn and winter I was really busy until Christmas. I have since slowed down on the dressmaking front although enjoyed all sorts of other crafting. On my autumn / winter list was this jumpsuit because it was perfect for the Sew Active Project

So it's a new pattern but all jumpsuits have a 80s feel to them.  And I have been rather worried about looking like a big black blob, but actually I like it, the pattern that is not being a blck blob!! I may even have a go at the top at some point.

It is really lovely to wear the jersey is super soft and I hope it doesn't fall out of shape to quickly. I love to sew jersey but with this soft type I can understand why some find it rather challenging. It's always worth the effort I think.

My first attempt at trouser pockets! Looking good I think. and I'm rather proud of the gathering at the front of the top half too.

I wanted an item of clothing that was suitable for the Sew Active Project that I'm planning for myself. It just clothes that I can use for my everyday and active lifestyle choices such as cycling and yoga in style! The other main reason was I have a few long sleeve stripy T shirts and I wanted something to go with them instead of feeling lonely in my wardrobe!

Have you made anything that is great for your life rather than just looking pretty?


  1. Great jumpsuit. Love it want steal it

  2. Looks nice and comfortable... so practical. As you've done with the striped sweater, what you wear underneath will give the outfit colour. I love black clothes.. wear them all the time.

  3. I love jumpsuits! great job ^____^

  4. I am terrified of stitching with jersey, Jersey and velvet are my nemesis when it comes to stitching. So I'm super impressed with your lovely jumpsuit and its great that its soo practical too! x

  5. I keep seeing all these great jumpsuits/dungarees and wanting to have a go ... maybe I will!

  6. thankyou.
    Diane I am wearing it all the time, I would definatley have a go.
    Wendy, I am a true fan of jersey, it's so lovely to wear that just go for it and face the fear!!

  7. Love your jumpsuit.. You did a fantastic job with the knit and looks grea on you.. Happy sewing.

  8. This looks terrific on you! Perfect for the Sew Active goal - well done!