Thursday 19 July 2012


Running Made EasyRunning Made Easy by Susie Whalley
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This is such a brilliant book. A magazine style enables you to flick backwards and forward finding the information you need at the time. It certainly inspired me and helped to complete my first runs all 60 seconds of them! I followed the first 10 week plan and feel unstoppable.

View all my reviews Something I haven't blogged about yet is my new found love. I have for some time wanted to get my heart pumping, be a fitter healthier me. I had this book on my shelf for three years before really thinking I could do it. I have finished the first plan of couch to 5k and now run three times a week with every week getting better!Although this is a scary thing to do I will share my hopes that I would really like to be able to run 10k events next spring, so watch this space!


  1. Wow I am super impressed that you can run 5k!

    Running is something I would love to be able to do, my parents used to run when they were younger and my bother now runs half marathons for FUN! They make me feel very guilty and very unfit but I just can't seem to get past the hating and feeling sick part, I think ill have to get this book as starting with 60sec runs sounds like a great way to get over the lack of motivation!

    Oh and Ive just started reading the book your recommended its fabulous, thank you!! xx

  2. Good for you! You should team up with Mrs Scruffy Badger and swap running tips.

    Good luck on achieving your 10k goal!

  3. I really WANT to love running, I just can't seem to make myself motivated enough. I'd be ok if I were going in a group, but on my own it is just too easy to stop at the end of the second street and turn around.
    And yet I can manage 100 lengths in the swimming pool every day after work, so there's clearly just a running-dedication issue.

  4. Charlotte, I am so impressed that you are running 5 K.. Fantastic!!!!
    Good luck on doing the 10K..if anyone can do it..I know you can..You are such a positive person..You so encourage me.. keep up the good work.. Sending prayers..

  5. That is brilliant - well done - I am hopeless at running, I think I need someone behind me telling me to keep going! I have just re-joined the gym though, so look out world!!