Wednesday 9 May 2012

Book review : Home dressmaking by Good Housekeeping.

Can you believe this, I picked up this book for a staggering 1 penny! Yep, I am feeling a little pleased with myself!!

So what attracted me to this book other than the price and that I have countless teach you how to sew book? Well the front cover of course!

Those lovely girls look so sweet and the they look even better inside. All images are drawn but very good and informative, just like a step by step guide to successful sewing should be from Good Housekeeping. It does have everything basic sewing needs and a good problem solving chapter at the back.

Other than the girl pictures I totally feel in love with the first chapter, The Total Look. The very beginning was completely relevant today although it was published in 1977. 

And just like the recent Colette book it asks us to take a good look at our figures, although it has wonderful terms such Tall, plump girls, and A round Roley poly figure!!

I did think this was a great book though and it will be firmly staying on my bookshelf and ready to remind myself the best way to achieve better sewing.


  1. Hehe! I like the 'round Roley poly figure'! I'm sure I've seen this somewhere and can't place it...if it's a charity shop I'll snap it up!

  2. What a wonderful find! I picked up a wonderful patchwork book for 40cents, once. It's amazing what you can find in op shops and the like. :-)

  3. Wow! What a find - lucky you x

  4. penny.. now thats a find.. I love the wrap dreses on the front..
    And the " roley poley figure" , I think they were describing me.hahahahha

  5. Everyone loves a bargin don't they!! It's even better when you really like it. Thanks everyone for leaving your comments.