Saturday 14 April 2012

A bit of Crafting.

If you enjoy crafts as well as dressmaking you probably also have the same problem as me. Yes books! I just can not help myself, anything with a pretty picture and I need a copy. So here is the latest edition to the book shelf

As craft books go I really enjoyed this, all the projects are manageable without having to buy loads of new equipment or fabric. Amanda seems to share my love affair of old blankets too. A few of the projects we have certainly seen before but it's always nice to be inspired or see how someone else makes bags or pot holders etc.

I would also add that it's pretty much a yummy mummy's kind of book, which is fine with me. It also has a good look using up those vintage bits of fabric.

So this is my attempt at a bedroom banner for Arthur. We have been decorating his room with a budget of £0. 

We also made ART with Arthur to hang in his room. I had this canvas lurking in the loft so still sticking to budget.

A bit of thrifting always helps on the decorating, so we found this great print for a staggering £1. It's so sweet and we are huge fans of Beatrix Potter.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. x x x


  1. Lovely bunting .. This seens- lovely book.. I'm a big fan of craft books l.. The art is so fun..

  2. I love books too. and Beatrice Potter is my favorite.. When Cindy was pregnant with Emily, we painted the nursery and did a beatrice potter border, and I made the comforter and bumper pads from beatrice potter fabric.. So cute..
    Arthurs room is coming along wonderful.. Nothing like a childs artwork.. Have fun.

  3. Arthur's room looks great! You can't buy that sort of personal style xx

  4. Arthur's room looks great! You can't buy that sort of personal style xx