Monday 16 April 2012

A few thrifty finds.

On a Sunday morning Exeter you will find the best boot fair in the South West! I love it, always something to find. To days special find is this needle box, it's in good condition.

                                                         This is curtain but I love the print.

  This is a duvet but the print is so fun and I'm rather inspired by the pyjama party sew along that I thought of making a funky pair for my sister.

                 It is also MrPBs birthday today. I knitted these two flannels using cotton yarn.

        I then ran up a little wash bag and put it together with a few choice goodies from lush.

                                           All in all a good Sunday, how has your day been?


  1. I loved the wash bag gifts, great idea.. Hrh bday is coming up soon.

    and the prints, so lucky.. i cannot wait to see the pj party.

  2. Those cherry prints make my mouth water. What a find!

  3. Lovely finds - I am jealous cos I know that boot fair - Exeter was my home town and I haven't been able to go for ages. BTW, have you visited the new-ish tip/recycling centre in Exeter?? My brother was telling me about the shop there where they sell peoples' cast offs. He got a load of bargain picture frames. I haven't made it there yet, maybe on my next visit...

  4. Charlotte..
    Oh what fun you have had today.. I love, love the cherry print fabric..
    The needle case is so cute..
    You have accomplished alot today..Go girl!!!
    Happy thrifting.

  5. I've seen the cherry duvet in a shop and nearly bought it but at the time I was 'stuffed' with fabric! Look forward to seeing what you make. Love the washbag too...

  6. Thanks everyone, I'm really excited about the cherry print fabric.
    Minnando, do you miss Exeter? I have been to the recycling center in Exeter, I used to go years ago before everyone else went and it had to move home, we now find it more pricey since recycling has become more popular. We also go to other recycling center, Tiverton always used to be good but I haven't been for a while.

  7. Love love love the yellow floral!