Thursday 1 March 2012

Give Away Week, bits and bobs.

Here in the UK the weather has truly made it to spring, so any time inside feels like a total waste! This leads to my other passions in life, the top being gardening, not flowers but veggies. Now the weather is kinder I spend everyday in the garden planning and putting in seeds bla bla bla. This got me thinking about our other passions.

I'm an active girl I love having things to do, but all these have a great feel good factor to me and even moments of a medative state. A top few are gardening, other crafts such as knitting which I'm trying hard to improve,cooking, yoga, and cycling. All of these are great for including or do around my busy family. I also feel that all my interests have a energy that enables me to grow and technically I can improve on everyone one.

So today's is what other passions do you harbour?

 So as I' all reading itching to get in the gardening the give away is this :

Here we have various laces and ribbon all well over a meter, a purple cold dye with fix and a few buttons.

I will post anywhere in the world, please leave your comment but do be a follower of my blog. The winner will be announced on Sunday.

PS Look out for tomorrow with some vintage clothing up for grabs.

Have a lovely day.


  1. i love that kind of vintage material !

  2. I'm kinda diggin' the lace!

  3. I love a bit of dye action, you are so nice this week Charlotte, how lovely x
    PS think I might have put the wrong email the other day, it is charlottetilley at hotmail dot co dot uk (NOT dot com!)

  4. Trims! Buttons!
    Actually, buttons may be one of my obsessions. And cook books. But I come by that one honestly, as my mom has it, too. :D

    I like rollerskating and swimming and pilates, as well as knitting and photography. I think reading (good fantasy or mystery) and cooking (or thinking about cooking stuff from cookbooks with beautiful photography) could be called actual passions.

  5. Ah yes, other passions! If only there was more time in every day....!

    I love baking. And reading. And running. And going on walks, preferably somewhere around trees and/or the sea. And I've been learning how to knit, crochet, and garden.

    I must admit that sewing is the one that pushes most of the others to the side though!

  6. Love the buttons!! Mum