Wednesday 29 February 2012

Give Away Week, pattern sets.

What is about dressmaking that just consumes me? As a young girl I used to draw girls with matching hats and bags just like the front of a pattern, well so my Mum says, so it has been apart of me for a long time! I see dressmaking is very separate stages.
1. The poring over fabric and patterns, I could do this for hours.
2. The actual pattern and scary matching fabric, as I'm not always that confident I generally go for cheaper fabric, scared that I'll muck it all up. I think after a year it's time to take this in hand, maybe I'll cut into my peace of silk to make something beautiful?
3. The pinning and cutting, I find this really exciting.
4. The sewing and following instructions. This has been an unusual interest for me, normally I'm not very good at following instructions but strangely with dressmaking I rarely go off course! It is also the time sat at the sewing machine that I find I enter my sewing meditative state of bliss! Sadly towards the end when my something is nearly complete my mind goes into overdrive and competes with itself and it's as if I'm in a face to get to the end. Yes this is where the mistakes happen. This year to chill out more ;-)
5. The finished item, I have to say I do not always love what I have made and it can take a little time getting used to. I thinks it's because I don't look like the girls on the front of the patterns! But I have got to a stage that I generally wear something I made everyday.

What part of the dressmaking process do you like?

Today's give away will be having three winners! There are three sets of patterns, each contain a new never used pattern, each of which I really like but know I will never get round to making. The second patterns are all from my favourite era the 70s!
                                          Set 1.

Set 2.

Set 3.

To enter into today's give away please leave a comment with an email address. Please be a follower of my blog and I will announce winners on Sunday. Good luck.


  1. Hi, I love your blog, I havn't sewed for a few years but every time I read your blog I feel inspired to dust off the sewing machine, going as far as looking at patterns to see what I would like to make.

  2. I think my favorite part of the process is picking out the pattern and the fabric, but I know for absolute certain my least favorites! 1) Gathering and 2) Zippers! They are the parts of the process that I always seem to mess up on so there is much seam ripping and gnashing of teeth!

  3. Charlotte,
    Such an interesting post. I totally feel the same way.. I love,love all of it. The dreaming of the next sewing project is really fun, then visiting the fabric stores and looking at all the beautiful fabrics and patterns.And another thrill is finding that 'SALE", whether it be in a store of a flea market..such fun.
    Probably, my least favorite thing to do is: cut out the pattern and iron..OH ---- I hate to iron, but it makes for such a nicer garment, if you iron as you go along.
    Once Kenny is better , and I get into the sewing routine, I hope to really slow down , and learn some new techniques.
    Happy sewing.

  4. I love step #1 and if something good comes out of all the other steps then #5 too! :) I hope to one day get to were you are with wearing my me made items on a daily.
    Set 3 is my fav. I think the pleating in the front detail is very cute.

  5. My favorite part of dressmaking is wearing the finished piece. I always feel so good wearing something I've made!
    Wow, Set 3 is gorgeous! Although...I do like all the sets. I just love the lengths of the dresses in set 3.
    Sudsies12 at gmail

  6. I like cutting the fabric out, I put on a favourite album and sing along loudly while I'm tracing the pattern and cutting out the fabric. It helps me get relaxed and allows me to take things in about the pattern on a subliminal level.

    I also like top stitching, that makes me slow down and I like the neatness of it.

    I love the patterns in set one, you're so generous offering this giveaway! Thanks!

  7. I love the anticipation that builds as I begin the process, when I make decisions that seem viable and will result in a great product. I am not so good at handling the final details; it's where I get sloppy and frustrated and ready to be done. I really like set 3. I can't believe how giving you've been!

  8. For me, it would be both the planning time - when you find the "right" combination of pattern and fabric that are both just crying out to be made straight away! And the sewing itself (with the exception of hemming large circle skirts which, quite frankly, gets a bit boring).

    Gorgeous patterns, by the way. :-) I especially love the ones in set 1. (By the way, I already have the Vogue reproduction pattern in set 3, so if you draw my name for that one, please give it to someone else instead so they can make it up. It's lovely when made up - much nicer than it looks on the pattern envelope I think.)

    macska at gmail dot com

  9. I really like the being finished part! :)

    And, for what it's worth, I really like pattern set #3. But the others are lovely as well!

  10. i like the wearing part, the math part, the running stitches in the machine...though i hate the ill- fitting part :)

    love pattern set #1, and you're inspiring me to get my blog in gear so I can throw a similar party next year!

  11. My favorite parts of the dressmaking process are the conception (matching patterns and fabric - fun!), the actual stitching (so soothing) and the finished product. I think I'm excited about wearing my new garment in about 90% of the cases (though a bit less for refashions, I think). I've worn my newest dress five out of the last six days... *g*

    Lovely patterns! I think I'd prefer set #3... :)

  12. I've been tossing up whether to purchase the Cynthia Rowley pattern that you're offering. I would love a chance to win a copy, so please count me in for the giveaway.