Sunday 19 February 2012

Pastille dress, muslin

Item two of the Colette sew along marathon. Item one was the Meringue skirt, which in the book I didn't really like but in the interest of learning more skills I made a wearable muslin, now I love it! Item two of the marathon is the Pastille dress, which looks sleek and elegant. Although I have enjoyed making the muslin up with lots of pleats to practise I'm not sure I really like the dress.
Have a good look for yourselves, and please feel free to give some very honest feedback so I can improve.

Over all it does fit very well, having taken care and a few alterations to the pattern, i.e. my waist that is wider than my hips!

Either I need slight alteration or a little more care to aline the darts top and bottom.

Back darts line up nicely.

I think there is too much fabric at the sides of the skirt. I will not being doing the pleats and haven't decided how short to make the skirt yet. Probably knee length ( am over 35 now!!)

So now to make a little change here and there and then to raid the fabric stash. As I'm not that into the dress I will not be going out to buy new fabric, but should it suddenly improve I might have another go.

What do you think? And how are getting on with the sew along marathon?


  1. The lengthen looks too mumisy.. Show up those piƱa you have... The neck is too wide and maybe turn into a v neck...

  2. You've done a great job! I think you need a short waist adjustment, as there seems to be excess fabric at your waist. I also think you can go down a size in the bodice.

    I strongly recommend basting in the zipper as it will improve the fit and give you a much better idea of what you need to adjust.

    I definitely agree with Pinheiro - shorten the length!

  3. Rachel and Sarah have said it - cut off a couple of inches and see what you think.... what fabric are you thinking of?

    You look like the girl on the Colette book with your new hair xx

  4. Ooh, Charlotte's right - you do look like the Colette cover girl with your new hair cut! Cute! :-)

    I actually think this dress has quite a lot of potential on you, and I personally like that neckline. I'm with the others though - definitely shorten it. And a belt will break up the line nicely. (I may be slightly biased there, though - I'm a huge fan of belts.)

  5. I really like it. I think it will look great on you..
    I too think , cut a little off the waist.. Add a belt.. I like the neck line with your new hair style..cute.
    Cant wait to see the real one done.. Happy sewing.

  6. Hi, I had the same feeling with the meringue skirt, and only did a wearable muslin...but I now love it and practically live in on weekends. I was only so so with the was not my style and I'm 48, so didn't want to look like I was tryiing to look young. Anyway, I made it in a linen, which holds its shape we'll. I would recommend the pleats, they are a great feature and I love the neck line on you. I made the skirt length just above my knee and this length seems to suit the dress. It's a great dress...

  7. wow, thanks evertone. Yes to shortening! Although I am not brave enough to make the bodice in a smaller size, I like to move and the slighest restriction means I'll never wear it again. I do think I nedd to make the skirt smaller though.
    I'm not sure what fabric, either a nice cotton or a strong babycord?