Monday 20 February 2012

Pastille dress, muslin no.2.

So taking into consideration what everyone had to say about my first Pastille muslin, I have made a few changes. The first is the length, in fact the whole of the skirt came down a size, and I shaved a little off the bodice.

Firstly the positives, it really does fit better.

A little to much fabric at the top of the bodice I think.

I have really struggled with lining up the darts. I think I have fiddles around so much I don't know if I'm coming or going.

Finally I I think I would benefit from starting from the the very beginning, keeping in mind all that I have learnt. To be honest I don't know that I will. The biggest problem with this dress for me is that between the darts is my pot belly and I feel really exposed, so I'm not sure that I like it. If the waistband moved to be a empire line maybe I would like it more. But for now I have learnt plenty, like go on a diet!!

And yes I did take the Colette book to the hairdressers with me!!


  1. ai ai {brazilian expression of calling someones attention } you don't have a belly...
    secound, indeed is much better..
    I haven't try so i will see what you mean later..
    how about angle the darts outwards ??

  2. I think if you make the dress in a bigger print fabric you won't notice if your tummy. It's how I get through anyway...! ;) I really like the dress on you, but if it's not for you move on, like you said you've learnt lots.

  3. I like it better and had not noticed a pot belly... I say stick it out and be proud, if you had a mummy tummy (which you don't) it would be a badge of honour.... anyway the dress looks much improved :)

  4. I think it looks great on you! I know what you mean about feeling exposed though - For some reason, it's just not my favourite Colette dress. I'm taking a month off from the sew-along and sewing a few Peony's instead! ;)

  5. I know that no matter what others say, you will still feel however yu are going to feel, but I would also like to say that I think you look well proportioned and shapely. I do not think you have a pot belly at all. Also, your fit adjustments are great! But, if you don't like it, you won't wear it, and your sewing time is better spent on something you love. Perhaps you could make it into a blouse instead of a dress?

  6. OH MY!! You lots are so kind, I just know this isn't the dress for me. Although I am not down hearted and I will be so excited when the sew along moves onto the next dress which is lovely! In the mean time a few lessons learnt, but many many many thanks. x x x

  7. Charlotte,
    I do not see a tummy at all.. You look fantastic.. I really think the dress would look fantastic on you..But, if you are not liking it.. Skip on to the next thing.. That is the fun of sewing.. learn new things and make things we like.
    [Just have to add this tip, I know sometimes, when the muslin seems to not look the way, I want it to, and I go ahead and make the garment, iron it, try it on.. I am totally shocked at the difference...]
    Bty.. your new hair cut is adorable. love it.

  8. Since you did all the work of fitting it, would you like it as a blouse? Maybe you would not feel self-conscious that way.
    I think it makes you look nice and BUSTY but everyone has their own preferences and it is better to make things that you feel comfortable in.

  9. You've worked so hard on the fitting and it looks so much better that it really was worth all the effort! So, go ahead a make it again, put a little belt around the middle and it will look a million dollars. Mummmy x