Tuesday, 29 March 2011

FAMILY LIFE Juno magazine, a review.

Juno magazine states its aims are to enrich family life and relationships by encouraging reflection, self acceptance and peaceful parenting, building a sense of community and celebrating the roles as parenting and homemaking, with all of the associated joys and challenges.

I think it does this pretty well! I wait in desperation for my next copy to come in the post, this can feel like a long time as it is only published three times a year.
It is the best parenting magazine around by far. It supports parents/ carers who want to enrich our children's lives, with understanding there are obstacles and difficulties which they don't shy way from discussing. Juno celebrates the alternative without being judgemental, I enjoy reading different points of view without feeling that I must conform.
 I feel there is a real sense of community as well, it encourages readers to become writers (if you are successful you get a years subscription). Of course there are regular feature, columns and refreshing articles that link with the well known ( steve Biddulph in spring 2011 issue)
It really is worth a look, there web site is also good has plenty of older articles to re read, and an option to purchase just the one trial copy, or get a load of back issues!!

COOKING vodka cocktails

I love cooking, but the best feeling is when you cook something that you have grown yourself, it just tastes brilliant and you can't stop congratulating yourself on how clever you must be! In the cooking posts I only intend to post those that really should be shared.

First up is the Ruhbarb Vodka Mule (made this weekend using our own ruhbarb)

This is  a long spring time drink, I just love it, it's a shame one is never enough. The reciepe is from Hugh Fernly-Whittingstall. I urge you all to check him out, he is a real character but I love the way he is challenging and inspiring but never boring.

make up ruhbarb syrup (500g of chopped ruhbarb simmered with jucie of an orange and a litle sugar, when mushy sieve)
in equal quantities measure syrup and vodka, then top up with ginger ale!
It really does have a kick!!

ON THE VEG PATCH march 2011

I have been growing my own veg for years, some years more successful than others. With garden all set up for production I'm ready to get going for 2011 seeing as spring has finally sprung here in Devon.As you can see I have cleared the garden and dug over the beds.I have also sewn broad beans, and early peas straight into the ground.( I am a little concerned as young children may squash young seedling, I will have to stay vigilant at all time as well as looking out for hungry birds, slugs and snails, the veg patch is a mine field!)
I know it's not new but using car tyres is brilliant. They look a bit hatsh this time of year but when everything starts growing they just blend into the enviroment. I found this lot just threwn into a hedge row near my house!

It all looks a rather bare still, just waiting for a few shoots!

One area that is looking a little better is the ruhbarb. I'm so pleased it;s looking a bit bushy but I now have a dilema pick it or let it look nice. I did pick a lttle and made ruhbarb mules a vodka cocktail (see next post on cooking)

the bed next to the ruhbarb was made last yeear from the apple tree cuttings. It's not that deep but looked good last year with marigolds in. I was thinks peas shoots for salads this year ?

DRESSMAKING sunshine top 1970s style

Now I have a good stash building up I was ready to try out  some of those older patterns. This pattern was/ is utterly wonderfull. I love this style of tunic tops and trousers, for me this would be the perfect outfit.
I found some great bright yellow jersey and I was as keen as can be, syrely it would be easy,the pattern said it would be.I thought I was doing well as it was the first time I had used a pattern that had been used by someone else before, pinning and cutting went to plan, I was feeling confidant I would have this knocked up in no time! Ofcourse disaster struck! None of the noyches matched at all, and the pattern was not as simple as it stated. By biggest problem was making up and attching the sleeves, it just didn't make any sense, untill a day or two later I caught a glimpse of the picture on the envelope, all problems solved, the sleeves didn't come from the shoulder bur straight from the neckline.

Now I had sussed it, I just had to have the confidance to completley ignore the pattern directions and go it alone. I can not tell you how pleased I am with my final top, it nearly didn't make it but I'm so glad it did I truely love it!
So glad you made it little miss sunshine.

DRESSMAKING green fingers dress

With my new stash of fabric from the boot fair, and job lot of patterns from ebay I was ready to start on a new project. Although the pattern looks some what strange with the pattern on the dress overall I thought it looked rather cute, just right for a gardening outfit, I just loved the head scarf too!

 This was my first old style pattern, no markings on the paper and basic instructions. I really enjoyed making this dress. I managed my first ever zip as well (50p from a charity shop)
In the end I felt a little sad because the button holes don;t match as well as I would have liked, and the arm holes are a little tight but because I love this dress so much and can imagine wearing it all summer long I will persevere with it and get it right!
The buttons to came from a boot fair too. All in all the dress only cost £4 to make including the pattern.

DRESSMAKING Charlotte the collector.

I love to rummage through boot fairs, jumble sales, and charity shops. I love recycling and hope that I can manage to reflect this in my sewing.

DRESSMAKING joining sew weekly

So first dress made, loving the feeling of OMG I made this! I was ready to join , although I have been following Mena for a year now it was time to act. I feel that by joining the weekly challenge I have had loads of inspiration from others all around the world, I have also developed a dicipline to finish items and share with friends.
So these are some items that I have made for various weekly challenges.
1. the not so good dress, even today I don't like it. I plan to change the strapes so it hangs better , or even make a skirt ?

2. Sorry the pictures are so terrible, but an outfit that I was so pleased with and wear nearly every weekend. Typical go to take the photos and my camera breaks!!

3.Then there was the obi belt which I really do like, but I feel like it just doesn't really go with my everyday wear.

DRESSMAKING the begining.

This whole blog is due to my journey into dressmaking. My inspiration for dressmaking started in 2010 at my 1940s pic nic wedding party, when looking for a dress I thought of all of those war time women making their own clothes everyday, surely I could do that!
So I made a pledge to myself that 2011 I would make my own clothes. To start I would create a waldrobe of wearable items, although I love vintage style I have to be realistic that I really would wear them or it would just be a waste of time and effort.

So for a party in the first wek of Jan I wore my first ever dress, which I still love and still wear alot.