Tuesday 29 March 2011

DRESSMAKING joining sew weekly

So first dress made, loving the feeling of OMG I made this! I was ready to join , although I have been following Mena for a year now it was time to act. I feel that by joining the weekly challenge I have had loads of inspiration from others all around the world, I have also developed a dicipline to finish items and share with friends.
So these are some items that I have made for various weekly challenges.
1. the not so good dress, even today I don't like it. I plan to change the strapes so it hangs better , or even make a skirt ?

2. Sorry the pictures are so terrible, but an outfit that I was so pleased with and wear nearly every weekend. Typical go to take the photos and my camera breaks!!

3.Then there was the obi belt which I really do like, but I feel like it just doesn't really go with my everyday wear.

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