Tuesday 29 March 2011

ON THE VEG PATCH march 2011

I have been growing my own veg for years, some years more successful than others. With garden all set up for production I'm ready to get going for 2011 seeing as spring has finally sprung here in Devon.As you can see I have cleared the garden and dug over the beds.I have also sewn broad beans, and early peas straight into the ground.( I am a little concerned as young children may squash young seedling, I will have to stay vigilant at all time as well as looking out for hungry birds, slugs and snails, the veg patch is a mine field!)
I know it's not new but using car tyres is brilliant. They look a bit hatsh this time of year but when everything starts growing they just blend into the enviroment. I found this lot just threwn into a hedge row near my house!

It all looks a rather bare still, just waiting for a few shoots!

One area that is looking a little better is the ruhbarb. I'm so pleased it;s looking a bit bushy but I now have a dilema pick it or let it look nice. I did pick a lttle and made ruhbarb mules a vodka cocktail (see next post on cooking)

the bed next to the ruhbarb was made last yeear from the apple tree cuttings. It's not that deep but looked good last year with marigolds in. I was thinks peas shoots for salads this year ?

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