Tuesday 18 October 2011


I just wanted to share with you a little story of cake, quiet possibly one of my favourite things pf all time. This is a special sour dough cake mix, passed on by Nicola a lovely potter in our village. Herman is a friendship cake that is alive and continues to grow over ten days.

This is Herman the cake mix on day one, we had to keep him on the side stirring him on each day, addeding ingrediants on day four and nine. Watch hoe he grows, it is really amazing!

On day nine we split Herman into five equal parts, in theroy you keep one and give away the other four in friendship. Because we are greedy we gave away two, leaving us with two cakes to amke up and one to start all over again.

The mix is queit dense and you can add what you like, we had one with a fruit cake mix and the other choc and choc chips! I was really suprised at the size and the flavour is great. A real interesting taste that is thick but not over sweet.Looks like everyone else like it to as there isn't much left!

Just aswell I kept a batch to do it all over again, I think it was a real secsess. I wish I could tell you how to start the sour dough but I I don't know. What I really like is the fact that it can keep growing and growing!


  1. yummy... I dont blame you, I would be stingy and keep 2, also..

  2. Oh yum! That looks delicious and sourdough starter is so cool. I'd want to hoard it to *grin*.

  3. You know Herman too.
    It is my favorite cake.