Friday 14 October 2011

Autumn Top No. 2.

Well I don't know where the time is going, I have been so excited about making up a whole batch of new clothes, but time doesn't seem to be on my side! Out of 4 tops I am only on my second, I feel a bit baffled really because just a few months ago I managed a garment a week maybe two weeks.

Anyhow, enough grumbling. Top no. 2.

I thought the long sleeve version, using my lovely floral vintage fair find. The fabric is a good medium weight, but sadly frays alot!
In my excitement to get on I must have forgotten my brains as I missed to very important steps. Firstly the joining together of the front and more importantly the joining of the bodice to skirt!! What was I thinking? At least my skills must be improving as I was able to ab lib and get the job done!

I'm happy with my finished top, pleased I have another me made for the season!

My next plan may take me a while so it may seem that I am missing in action for a while. I am going to make the lovely wide leg smart trousers from the Burda magazine. Yes they are lovely but it will be the first Burda mag try out and my first pair of proper trousers.

Hope your autumn goodies are coming along!
x x x


  1. Charolette,
    I so feel your frustration. I too, can't seem to get my intentions done.. I love the dreaming it up and preparing ..But finding the time??eeeh..[At least you have kids ..My kids are grown and gone,and I still cant find time,ha]
    I absolutely love this top.. the fabric is beautiful. and that little building you are standing by..what kind of vine is growing on it?It is beautiful. Perfect location for this beautiful picture.
    Happy sewing and I look forward to seeing the trousers..
    Happy sewing.

  2. Your top looks fantastic! The fabric is so pretty and I love the little needle book you made to :)