Monday 8 August 2011

VEG PATCH July and early August.

Well the end of July has been and gone in the blink of an eye! I missed out on the July review, at the time I felt there wasn't much happening in my garden. In fact around this time I start to feel a little sad as a few of the crops have already finished and I start wondering have I done enough ?

My fears are always come to nothing. All those beans like to hide and as you start picking there is an amazing abundance. Far to many in fact just to add to every meal this week, so I intend to make some chutney.

I do enjoy this time of year using everything up, the bringing in of the bountiful fruits of our gardens and and hedge rows, Lammas is a lovely time of year to celebrate the summer and what we achieve, but do any of you already feel the change, this is what partially excites me as well.

Anyway a few bits from my garden, all got in one picking!!


  1. purple peas are popular on veg patches ! great selection !

  2. Looks great! We're drying our garlic at the moment too, keep bringing it in and out, darn Devon rains lol! x

  3. Lovely vegtables.. This is the good part ,when you get to harvest the crops..So yummy and rewarding. and makes for a busy July and August..