Wednesday 27 July 2011


Wow and thank you so much. Wendy from the Butterfly Balcony has names my blog as a lovely one!! Firstly I would like you to visit Wendy's blog of vintage making, it packed with loads of inspirational goodies. .I would like to say how grate it is in supporting each other in these awards, and also giving time to finding some other cool blogs that we may have missed otherwise.

I think at this point I am supposed to give you five facts about myself...sorry but they are not very interesting.
  1. I long for more time, to do any of the lovely things I love, sewing, reading, walking, being with friends.
  2. I generally go to bed at 9pm to ha ha read (I then fall asleep in my book at about 20 past!
  3. One of my bestest films ever is Miss Potter, I love nice films
  4. Recently I have been feeling a little old, I think it is because my teenage boys have lots of lovely young girl friends, and I have realised that that time for me feels like a long time ago.
  5. I am now addicted to Etsy as well as blogs and flickr! No wonder I feel I am lacking time for anything else!!
This is more important though, the blogs I would like to put forward for this award :

Please make the time to visit these blogs, some interesting posts from some talented ladies.

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