Saturday 25 June 2011

DRESSMAKING 1970s shirtdress

I feel that it has been some time since I have made a proper outfit. To be honest I have loads of patterns and loads of fabric but I don't want to become a one person swet shop, I would like to have less clothes but of those I do have , I cherish. So for me I feel I have a summer waldrobe and I'm not planning to make to many more outfits. There will always be the to do list but my feelings at the moment are about celebrating what I have achieved. So now I give your the second of my shirt dresses that I had planned for this summer.

I am actually very proud of this dress, I don't know why I think maybe it's because I just love it! Although nothing really goes completley to plan, it is rather tight on the arms, I have redone the seems but still my arms are a little squeezed in, so I feel this will be a going out dress where all I hace to do is lift a wine glass!


  1. Oh it looks stunning on you,I just love the fabric colour and pattern, Its definitely a dress to be proud of!!!!

  2. Love this shirtdress! The fabric and style are simply fabulous. Well done!

  3. I love this shirt dress. The fabric is so pretty and looks great on you..
    So proud of your go slow clothes movement.. thankyou, Happy sewing.