Saturday 2 April 2011


I would like to tell you of the joy I have found using washable nappies. I was fortunate enough to be given some and I felt it was a lovely idea that Artie my son would be joining in the journey of growing up with the four other children that had used those nappies. I also felt there was a new link with motherhood, I was joining the ritual that thousands of mothers had been doing for thousands of years, it feels so much better than just throwing a nappy into a land fill site. For me it embodies that notion of loving nurturing for my child.

I must admit it took some perseverance but I'm so glad I stuck with it. Real nappies do not have any potently harmful gels deodorants or chemicals, this is better for our babies skin. Disposable nappies use 90x renewable sources (wood pulp) and 8x non renewable sources (crude oil) to make nappies.

Getting started can be a bit scary. there are countless brand but many do trial offers, so give them ago, there are many forums to give advice and support. Better still try and get some secondhand, all the usual ways, free cycle, gumtree, other parents, children's centres, put a notice up on your village notice board. Something I didn't know until now was that many local Authorities are doing vouchers or cash back for using reusable nappies. Best thing to do is get in touch with them first and see what there policy is, lots have a scheme where you buy from a approved shop, you then pass your reciept to the authority and then you get some cash back! I've counted 11 councils being apart of the scheme in varying degrees but there could be more.

All nappies will have an impact on the environment but real nappies can really help combat the carbon foot print. Plus the befits of not filling up land fill sites,in the UK 8,000,000 disposables are thrown away everyday and nobody know how long they take to break down.

AS for care, that's easy. Use a paper liner so when there is a poo you can peel that off and put it down the loo, place the nappies in your bin. If the bin is a bit small place cloth with tea tree and lavender oil in at the bottom. If your nappies are very dirty give them a cold rinse, then wash a 60. Try to have full load and as much as possible put them on the line to dry, or a clothes horse, you will be surprised how quickly the dry off.

In the UK there is REAL NAPPY WEEK 16th-22nd MAY 2011, if you haven't done so give them a go!

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