Wednesday 30 March 2011

DRESSMAKING more stash.

I got this load for £6 at the boot fair on Sunday. 4m of check, 2m of sear sucker, 1 1/2 of woolen, 1m of synthetic silky stuff! YAY

Also got so much of this lovely lace and some vintage buttons all for £5.
What a good day
x x x


  1. I am totally jealous! I can never find any goodies like that at car boot sales!
    That is a pretty fab stash to get in a day. I used to live in Exmouth and they always had a little boot sale on a little carpark by the beach. Its not very big but good for checking out on a nice sunny day! x

  2. Congradulations on your finds.. So fun ,isnt it? Hope to see the lace pretty and all the wonderful fabric.. Happy Sewing,Judy