Saturday 2 January 2016

Spot my trend.

So I have noticed how I love to snuggle in the warmth while the wind howls outside, and then get all inspired by sewing and blogging, then the real trend takes place. Inspiration, planning and maybe a little sewing BUT by a few months in life takes over. So I don't want to chastise myself for this rather than accept and make a new plan,for 2016 is going to be simple.

To be fair life has been busy this year I have completed my personal trainers course followed by exercise specialist in cancer rehab, so a big year for work. As much as I loved it, and have noticed how I miss  opportunity to be creative. So here I go again.......................................

This year I have been inspired by a few lovely Christmas books to get me in the mood

I am also a little slow off the mark but I think I'm in love with seamwork from Colette, where I have found a fountain of goodies to keep me happy, and interesting articles to inspire and talk about.

For 2016 I have made a pledge to not buy any brand new clothing for myself, for two reasons
 1. I have lots of clothes and really don't need new, but should I need something special then
 2. I can get my creative fix, knowing that I don't have to sew but I like it and want too.

2016. I hope it is a wonderful year to you all.

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  1. Love your New Years goals. So doable. Pray you and your family have a wonderful and blessed New Year.
    I too, hope I will be able to sew and craft more in 2016.