Monday 18 November 2013

sewing kits

Sewing kits, how do you feel about them? I use to be of the mindset that they are for children, and expensive, why with only a little effort I could make my own version at a fraction of the price. But as you may of guessed I have been changing my mind, have less time to source fabrics and designing and lets face it not making the effort I have come round to the idea of a nice sewing kit.
So here are  few of my favourites

Felix the fox in my stash awaiting to be made up!

Far from a children's selection I would say. So in this little bunch of sewing kit eye candy holds my next make for the lovely sew tiny project. Diane at Marguerite designs has thought a fantastic plan to show case some of our slower sewing. You are all welcome to join in too.

oh and any thoughts on sewing kits for yourselves?

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  1. Charlotte, I love sewing kits.. Everything all together for you.. And now they have kits for everything.. Fun..