Monday 29 April 2013

A mixed bag.

This week has all been a bit different, out of the normal routine as poor Arthur has chicken pox, so days off work. It has felt like the good old days of stay at home mummy. I have cooked, and baked mainly from my favorite new book Honestly Healthy. I have been in the garden planting seeds but most exciting is that I have picked a pattern and fabric to start a summer top, and dress!

Arthur had time to help with the cooking.

Poor chicken pox boy fell asleep on the floor.

Spelt base pizza, topping of beetroot, garlic ans feta. Also courgette, lemon, and feta.And a traditional ham and sweetcorn.

The summer top pattern.

And the summer top fabric.

It has been lovely pottering at home, I don't want to return to work! I hope you have all been enjoying your week too. x


  1. Arthur has grown so much, He is adorable.. So sorry he has chicken pox. Hope he feels better soon.
    Love your new blouse pattern.. Can't wait to see it..
    Isn't it wonderful to be home.. SO sad we have to work, it really leaves no time for sewing/hobbies/cleaning or anything.ha

  2. Poor little guy. I look forward to seeing what you sew up!

  3. Your pizzas look so tasty.
    I hope Arthur is all better now, poor little guy.
    Looking forward to seeing your tops, you clever thing :) xx

  4. Arthur looks so sweet, what fab hair! But poor thing having chicken pox, I hope he feels better now. The pizzas look yummy and I like the look of the summer top. xx

  5. Yes Arthur has been busy growing! Thanks for the well wishes. x x x