Monday 25 March 2013

Being Visionary.

I have been totally absorbed over the last week in my new allotment. Over the years we have grown summer veg in our back garden, but I'm really pleased that we now have half an allotment within walking distance of our house. The only challenging thing is it looks like this :

So to be gardening in freezing weather in scrub land means that I can now name myself as a visionary!

I managed to clear a small area and made what will become a strawberry bed, and Mr.PB has knocked up a compost bin.  So a major part of my free time this year will be devoted to extending our growing season. 

I have been totally inspired this great book, down to earth funny tales of trying to bypass Mr Tesco and get your kids involved. I am totally hooked, Mr.PB is a little worried that I am becoming obsessional about Paul.

Just spending a little time at the allotment really filled me with enthusiasm and excitement, just the day before I was feeling so tired and fed up with the weather and lack of time.  Just shows you that simple things in life can really give you a lift So made little eccles cakes, so so yummy, and quick, I think they will become  a family favourite in no time.


Feeling a little smug, as I have managed to keep in touch with the homemaker self that has been missing a little recently. I intend a curl up on the sofa with the allotment chef, a warm fire and our new wall art.

 I hope you are all having a lovely weekend too, just so you know I am even planning a little dressmaking soon, so watch this space.



  1. Charlotte.. proud your working on getting your extra garden going.. Such fun to plan.. I love your new wall pretty.
    And I am super happy to be reading post from you again..sure have missed you.. Looking forward to the sewing post too..have fun..

  2. Lovely things going on at yours Charlotte :) Looking forward to reading more! xx

  3. Oooh wonderful! I am sure you'll have your allotment looking fabulous in no time, and there is nothing like a bit of fresh air and digging to aid enthusiasm!!! Yumm, i do love Eccles cakes, and the new wall artwork is gorgeous! Great work! xx

  4. We're still a long way from sowing seeds here in Montreal (still have snow in the forecast for the next three days....), but I am dreaming. The kids are old enough to get involved now, so we were planning our new vegetable/fruit patch over dinner this evening and dreaming of spring.

  5. It's a comfort to know I am not alone in the cold wishing for spring!Good luck all with your growing too. x x x

  6. Oh what an exciting project. I am looking forward to seeing what you grow. I am still waiting for it to warm up enough to plant a few seeds. Like the wall art too xx