Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pyjama Party!!

Seeing as the weather is wet and gloomy I think I'll stay in my pyjamas all day! Thanks to Karen who has created the most exciting vibe for a  sew along, means we all should be in our pyjamas today, and what's better is that they are all shiny new, hand made lovelies!!!

 Karen talked many of use through how to make pyjamas and now they should all be on show so go and see Karen's beautiful set then surf the blog
My own pyjamas are a from two different patterns. The top I have actually already made four other versions for the OWOP project so no. five was easy! And like the pattern said so where the bottoms, although if you had a wider bottom I don't think you would have that much space!

When they where finished I felt so pleased, I really took my time and made nice seams and ect ect and the end result is something I love, far to often I have to learn to love what I make. So so excited we had a really fun photo shoot!

     Everyone seemed to get very excited about my new pj's. The fabric is a light weight cotton, which had a previous life of a duvet cover. I really like the way it had a more intense pattern at the bottom of the legs.

And this is the book I'm reading, it's wonderful! I recommend it. I am also on Good reads should any of you want to join me and become friends  I always have a few reference books on the go too, this is the latest.

So thanks to Karen I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and have a pair of pyjamas which as long been on my to do list! I'm so impressed that I'm thinking of starting to make a few more pairs up as presents. Will also be showing this off with Justine at

Taffy Blouse

Continuing with the Colette sew along, it's been a while for me. I enjoyed the Meringue skirt, Pastille dress disaster, and only got as far as cutting out the pattern for the Truffle dress. I think we can say I'm not totally dedicated to this sew along, although yes lesson are being learn t. So for the Taffy blouse.

I personally have had a love hate journey with this.
 1st I love it, probably the best pattern in the book, I love the fact that there are only three parts to the pattern to cut out.
 2nd, I hate it, the whole process is to learn about flimsy fabrics, and yes I struggled.
 3rd I love it, what a wonderful pattern, in theory so easy to put together.
 4th, I hate it, or my sewing machine does. The weave on my fabric is very loose and my sewing machine just wants to eat it. I know the top will only last the summer as it will surely fall apart by the autumn.
 5th I love it, a quick try on before the binding goes on show what a wonderful cut a summery feeling this top is.
 6th, I hate it, when the binding is on it actually has more weight than the fabric and the sleeves just look funny.
 7th, I love it, I iron and put it on with some half decent clothes and suddenly YES it's a winning top.


I would also like show off my wonderful shoes, I love wedges! These where a total find at the boot fair, 50p, that's less than a dollar for you American folk!

I couldn't resist this though, Arthur thought he would like to join in with the photo shoot,what a star!

This is such a lovely blouse, I think it will be the summer top of the year for all the sewers all over the world! I also hope to show this off with Justine this week.