Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Give Away Week, pattern sets.

What is about dressmaking that just consumes me? As a young girl I used to draw girls with matching hats and bags just like the front of a pattern, well so my Mum says, so it has been apart of me for a long time! I see dressmaking is very separate stages.
1. The poring over fabric and patterns, I could do this for hours.
2. The actual pattern and scary matching fabric, as I'm not always that confident I generally go for cheaper fabric, scared that I'll muck it all up. I think after a year it's time to take this in hand, maybe I'll cut into my peace of silk to make something beautiful?
3. The pinning and cutting, I find this really exciting.
4. The sewing and following instructions. This has been an unusual interest for me, normally I'm not very good at following instructions but strangely with dressmaking I rarely go off course! It is also the time sat at the sewing machine that I find I enter my sewing meditative state of bliss! Sadly towards the end when my something is nearly complete my mind goes into overdrive and competes with itself and it's as if I'm in a face to get to the end. Yes this is where the mistakes happen. This year to chill out more ;-)
5. The finished item, I have to say I do not always love what I have made and it can take a little time getting used to. I thinks it's because I don't look like the girls on the front of the patterns! But I have got to a stage that I generally wear something I made everyday.

What part of the dressmaking process do you like?

Today's give away will be having three winners! There are three sets of patterns, each contain a new never used pattern, each of which I really like but know I will never get round to making. The second patterns are all from my favourite era the 70s!
                                          Set 1.

Set 2.

Set 3.

To enter into today's give away please leave a comment with an email address. Please be a follower of my blog and I will announce winners on Sunday. Good luck.

Give Away Week, 100% Silk.

I have totally surprise myself, not in my obsession to make clothes or just make everything for home, friends family ect ect but in my computer life. What makes logging into my blog each day exciting is the sense of community. Personally I just love to join in with the sew alongs and me mades and all the other wonderful coming together that other bloggers have spent time and energy putting together. And that is just what they do pull us together. So as you can see scrolling along my blog I have been involved in a few in just one year. What I would like to be able to do more is be involved in the meet ups, I went to one in London last May and it was so much fun, I would love to do that again.

Do you love the sew alongs? What is so good about blogging for you?

Today I would like to give away this lovely screen printed silk 112cm wide by 200cm long. Sadly the photos do not do it Justice so it will a great suprise for the winner, it is so nice. So to be in with a chance please be a follower of my blog, leave a comment with your email address. Winners to be announced on Sunday.