Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pastille dress, muslin

Item two of the Colette sew along marathon. Item one was the Meringue skirt, which in the book I didn't really like but in the interest of learning more skills I made a wearable muslin, now I love it! Item two of the marathon is the Pastille dress, which looks sleek and elegant. Although I have enjoyed making the muslin up with lots of pleats to practise I'm not sure I really like the dress.
Have a good look for yourselves, and please feel free to give some very honest feedback so I can improve.

Over all it does fit very well, having taken care and a few alterations to the pattern, i.e. my waist that is wider than my hips!

Either I need slight alteration or a little more care to aline the darts top and bottom.

Back darts line up nicely.

I think there is too much fabric at the sides of the skirt. I will not being doing the pleats and haven't decided how short to make the skirt yet. Probably knee length ( am over 35 now!!)

So now to make a little change here and there and then to raid the fabric stash. As I'm not that into the dress I will not be going out to buy new fabric, but should it suddenly improve I might have another go.

What do you think? And how are getting on with the sew along marathon?