Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thankyou Jane

At the beginning of the year I entered a giveaway over at Jane's blog. It's a lovely blog of Jane making really good quality and classic clothes.

So lucky me won a dress, and it's is lovely as Jane and I are the same size!

Oh how I love it! One thing that has inspired me to take a little more care over my seems ect was the note that Jane wrote. She said that this was one of her first dresses and it wasn't perfect. Well Jane I think you have taken amazing care over the making of this dress, and has reminded me I should do the same.

Thankyou Handemade Jane.

Making an effort with refashioning.

I love what others seem to make with refashioning one item to become another. I just don't seem to have the same vision, but I'm going to make more of an effort.
The reason for making more of an effort because I have recently acquired a bag of old, yes vintage clothes ( I will tell more about the story of clothes in another post soon!) Alot of them have marks and that kind of stuff so I am going to tackle the refashioning situation.

So lets begin not with anything vintage but a UFO. It was a sloppy looking summer dress that wasn't fitting well and I hated the length.

And made into a lovely little top!

OK this isn't the most amazing refashion but I will wear it now. I took loads off the length and back seem. Job done and confidence growing!